Fashionable Pet Apparel

Based upon the picture alone, I wouldn’t buy these products. I wonder, what did it take to get these four sneakers on the dog, then get him/her to sit still long enough to capture the image? While he/she may be perfectly comfortable and content in this ridiculous garb, I get the sense that’s not the case. So, no sale.

Yeah… these shoes are a bad idea. I realize some dogs need foot protection for various reasons, or need something grippy to help them on hard floors. The shoes featured in this sale are not so good though. Dogs don’t like rigid material between their pads and the floor because they can’t get a sense of the ground.

I think my dog would kill me if I tried to put shoes on him. Although I think watching him in shoes would be hilarious.

Wot!? No 5-inch heels?!

Praying my wife doesn’t see this sale.

Poor puppy looks embarrassed. Wonder if s/he knows they’ve been posted on the internet, for all of their doggie friends to snicker at their humiliation?

As a cat person, the necessity for little booties is not a part of my reality, but a niece lived in South Dakota through a rough winter (ONE winter, I don’t know how the natives do it for life), and I’m sure her purse-puppy needed all the help she could get.

I have a set of dog shoes for my dog since we live in the city and not everyone uses a pet-safe salt in the winter.

She wasn’t sure what was going on the first time, but now she knows she won’t slip on icy sidewalks, and doesn’t mind at all.

My dog’s a 40-pound pit mix.

The puppy looks shy on the image,This are cute.