Fast & Up Recovery Supplements (2)

Black tie?! Ha!

Edit: The logo was there for a brief moment with today’s offer, but then it was removed. Clearly the black tie icon I saw was just residual from the previous offer.

Fast & Up Recovery Supplements
$18.99 $33.98 44% off List Price
Fast & Up 2-Pack - (40 Tablets total)


Based on the last sale, @fastandup seems to be very knowledgeable and very helpful for us Wooters.

Used both by professional athletes, some world champion or medalist, as well as everyday people.
Some world champion or medalist who chooses to remain anonymous?? Total of 40 tablets for $24 is sixty cents a tablet and you get 2 cents worth of ingredients.

I purchased a quantity of 3 last time these were on woot. Great item and they do give you a little kick but is this really a wine.woot item? I understand seeing cheese and other wine oriented finger foods along with the occasional valentines day wine filled chocolate truffle debacle (if you have been around here long enough to remember that) but energy tablets just strikes me as odd!

If these are anything like Berocca, they should make a great hangover recovery drink.

“Swiss-patented” - I love how marketers make statements like these as if it’s some kind of selling point.
What does that even mean “swiss-patented” (or any other country) besides holding a Swiss patent?

I bought two tubes (40 tablets) the last time they were offered on Woot (about two weeks ago) and felt they were worth the $9.99 that Woot charged. And, I would buy more if Woot hadn’t “basically” doubled the price this time!

I agree. You’d think with the one billion new flavors of woots that Amazon added, they’d be able to stick with wine on wine.woot. It’s quite the whiplash to go from $40ish bottles of wine to some hangover gimmick.

To the person pointing out the smaller bottles than last time (and therefore the price doubling)…look at it this way…since it expires Oct 2014, maybe this way you won’t be holding a bunch of expired snake oil. :slight_smile:

I said nothing about smaller bottles, I said they’re “exactly the same size” with “exactly the same number of tablets” as I purchased last time, FOR DOUBLE THE PRICE. I’ve seen Woot offer the same items repeatedly before, but usually the price is the same or slightly lower than the previous offering. This is the first time I’ve seen them basically double the price of their previous offering. Just helping inform our brother & sister Wooters!

And I don’t know anything about a hangover cure. But I wouldn’t call it snake oil. It’s purpose is to provide an energy boost for those times when your dragging at work and you could use something to give you a boost in your energy level, not unlike coffee or 5 Hour Energy, etc. And I found it worked quite well at making me feel more energetic and alert for a few hours to help get me through those times when I was feeling tired. I’m just miffed at the price increase!

Not sure I trust the claims from a company named “Novelty” Pharmaceuticals.

Pretty lame WOOT. Actually, this is REALLY lame. Bought this last time for $9.99 (2 tubes) as mentioned above. Last time you claimed retail on the two tubes was $39.98. Now you claim retail for the exact same product is $33.98 and you’re selling it for $18.99 - what gives?!

I was going to buy more, but your listing practices seem to be getting a bit shady.

Can I really not trust you anymore WOOTazon?! Say it ain’t so…

MVP WOOT?! Really? Not so much anymore…but nice “edit” of WOOT a zon …

The pricing difference is just a result of wine.woot being run differently than the rest of our retail sites. WD procures the products for wine.woot. The other offer was on sports.woot and procured by one of our sports buyers. Add to that the smaller quantities purchased for wine.woot.

All I got from this is your not communicating inside woot and so your going to just sit on these forever.

So you’re saying that everyone should wait till this pops up on a different woot site so they don’t get screwed?

I don’t want to whine, but I want WINE on the WINE Woot!

Wine gives you hangovers. These cure them beautifully.

Would these go best with white or dark meat?

Agreed, Ditto, Us Too . . .