Fast & Up Recovery Supplements

Fast & Up 2-Pack (40 Tablets)
$19.99 (Normally $33.98) 41% off List Price


Previous offer:
10/24/12 (Woot-off)

In time for D&D? lol wish I was going to that. Hope you folks have fun.

So it’s 5 hour energy with alkaselser

Given all of the sub-categories that Woot! now has (tech, sport, shirt etc.) this seems like the wrong place to put supplement tablets. Its not even close to wine/gourmet food related… Like… at all.

I hope we get lab rats for these…No, seriously were these tested on animals?

Unofficial hangover remedy. Actually, semi-official since it’s mentioned in the description.

Product Info from their Website

There are also some “testimonials”

It appears to me close to being something that assists you so you don’t have a hangover after a night of drinking.

Yes, pigeons. It didn’t go so well.

LOL. I asked them if they could put a banner “In time for D&D” but they wouldn’t do it. And no, I don’t know for sure that it will arrive in time.

$20 better spent on hair of the dog.
Down a couple of Bloody Marys and call me in the evening.

Yes, this product is a pre-emptive hangover preventer. As in you take it before you go drinking.

Save money and just take an ibuprofen, some B12, B6, C, (or multiviatamin) before you pass out and you’ll be fine. Also, don’t do shots of tequila after white russians. Don’t ask how I know this…

Howdy Everyone!
I Thought I’d get some beauty sleep to answer some questions tomorrow. Didn’t expect so many monster avatars awake this late!

Yeah, I bought these things last time they came up. Was I scared of the fact a Swiss company named “Novelty pharma” made them? You’re damn right I was. But I study taurine and want to ingest it, without all the other caffeine and garbage in energy drinks. So short of taking the lab grade stuff off my lab shelf and dumping it in everything I drink, I thought I’d try these out.

My friend and I each took one after a heavy night of drinking. Did it taste like every other “orange-y” looking pill? You bet. Was it hard to drink a whole glass of that effervescence? Yup. Did it help get rid of our hangover symptoms? More research is needed. I took a lot of other things that morning…the party was crazy. But I did feel better that afternoon. So I can confidently say it won’t make your hangover worse.

It’s surprisingly hard to convince people to try and drink one of these things with me…

The wootoff discussion was cute because the Fast & Up reps were trying to respond to everyone’s questions. I’d like to see a Swiss pub-crawl testimonial for this stuff (but not necessarily before going in for two for the heck of it).

Airborn for prevention of hangovers instead of the common cold: works for me…

Did you take your Fast & Up? :tongue:

And welcome! Thanks for joining us!

Fast&Up is back with us for the win! I’m looking forward to trying these out: any personal annecdotes you’d like to share with us?

thanks for feedback dkirson!
You’re so darn right about water quantity: the Fast&Up tablet tastes best in 3 to 6 oz of water. A whole 12oz bottle is too much for example and does water down the taste.

anecdote yes: while driving home today I ran out of gas like an idiot right in the middle of an intersection (with everyone honking at me with disdain of course). That’s what you get for thinking you know your gas needle so well!
Since I wasn’t ready for my “Mr Universe” contest yet, 2 nice guys helped me push it out of the way.
A great feeling!

Taurine and creatine act like speed in my body, so I have to stay away from this. Glad I went to their website and saw that! I don’t like heart palpitations…