Faster, Higher, Stronger, Aimier

Luke’s last words: “Carrie!”

Who didn’t see this comming? sigh

It’s an amazing design, but you won’t catch me dead (shot or otherwise) wearing a Star Wars shirt. Ewwwww!

I doubt adding glasses would help see through those helmets.

Who’s the ominous guy with the glasses? Never seen that guy before… am I lost?

No…that’s not true…that’s impossible!

Once he ate that fateful doughnut, Luke finally became as big as the side of a barn, and never stood a chance.

Pew pew goes the laser beam!

The guy with the hole in his back, obviously.

“Only Stormtroopers are that precise.” And yet “The Stormtrooper Principle” is that no one gets hit unless it’s part of the plot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh for all of those people that hate Luke Skywalker… Mark H. is rolling around in HIS GRAVE!

Wait, is that Gordon Freeman hiding behind those glasses? Haha, I don’t know anyone else who wears glasses like that.

Next target, the Admiral?

I had to buy this!

Great design!

Their heads are big. This must have taken place in the expanded “Bobble Heads” universe of Star Wars.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

Luke Skywalker < Gordon Freeman < Chuck Norris

I hope Excelsior Frog can sneak into 3rd place…

what is that one the lower right next to the dead body?

I’d totally pay for a Chuck Norris vs Luke shirt!