Faster, Prettier, Funnier: Derbylympics 2008


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The use of performance-enhancing substances is permitted.

Crazy. Welll, I think I’ll do my best for the 1st and 3rd event, but I probably won’t be able to try 2nd. I’ll be at church when the event begins, and I’ll be at a restaurant for my grandmother’s birthday that evening. Will be interested to see how what designs come out of this though.

I’m so excited - I love working in just one color - I’ve done three submissions with 4 colors between them.

You make me crazy, woot. But I love you. Most abusive relationship I’ve EVER been in.

I’m sure I speak for many when I thank the Derbylympics schedulers for making it so that we only have to be working on one of the three entries during normal 9-5 business hours. I’ve squeaked out my share of shirt.woot entries on company time in the past, but multiples in one week could be brutal.

Sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve already got an idea cooking for the B&W event.

Wholeheartedly agree :slight_smile:

The use of performance-enhancing substances is permitted??? nice joke?
god ,I’m glad I quit. who needs that kind of pressure. good luck all of you.!

As if the derbies weren’t already an endurance event, now we gotta have stamina… my wife is gonna hate me so much.

bring it! :slight_smile:

Should be a fun weekend.

Dang, this is exciting. I can’t wait to see what people create!

The perfect opportunity for 3 more Chos.

He hasn’t entered any derbies for a long while now.

Baby come back?

Whoever did Four Dollars A Gallon should submit it as white on black for this. I’d buy it.

I think in keeping with the first events color limitations a good Derbylympic event should be to tackle any one of the shirts colors that hasn’t had as many times sold.

Red: 15
Lemon: 13
Kelly Green: 12
Orange: 5

Thanks to Xijar for this list.

Actually, to give credit where credit is due…Xijar made the list.
I was just the last to post in the thread about it. :slight_smile:

He’s in the process of moving, so he hasn’t exactly had time to devote to designing.

prediction for round one: pandas and zebras galore ;p

and don’t forget penguins :slight_smile: