Fat Burner, Energy or Joint Support Tabs

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Fat Burner, Energy or Joint Support Tabs
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Time to check out the product page for the fat burner. the joint and cartilage and the energy recovery

If I take them all together will I burn energy, support fat, and get a joint?

I think the assertion that these products are snake oil might be a slight mischaracterization. Snake oil would have no potential benefit and contain nothing which would truly do what the product claims. Here, in looking over the contents of the three products, there are potentially beneficial contents. Now, whether they are in sufficient quantities to have an effect…

Support Energy, Burn a Joint, Get Fat?

HEY WOOT!, you show two pictures for the energy recovery tablets but, I selected the first (upper) picture of the two because it shows two “boxes” of the tablets and the specs say that ordering a qty. of one will “include two” 20 tablet boxes. However when I added it to my cart it showed an entry for a “woot-off” of Stacker Energy drink with a SOLD OUT banner on it. So then I selected the second picture (bottom picture) for the Energy Recovery tablets, but it shows one box and a “tube” of the tablets. It looks like it’s a picture of a single box with the contents (the tube) sitting next to it. I selected qty. of one and, this time it added the properly named item of Energy Recovery tablets but it said qty. of two.

I corrected the quantity to one and placed my order. However the order also contained two of the fleece lounge bottoms in size Large from the Woot store. But it immediately struck me, after placing the order, how drastically those type of lounge pants shrink when washed, so I decided to cancel the order and place a new order, this time to include two pair of the lounge pants but in XL size instead of large, to allow for shrinkage. So I also had to add the Energy Recovery tabs again, but this time I started by choosing the last/bottom picture of the tabs, having learned from last time. Well, it still added the expired and sold out “woot-off” item of Stacker Energy drink. So I tried a second time and this time it added the correct item, but instead of adding the picture of the item I selected showing a box w/ a tube, it showed the picture with two boxes!

So my question is first, what the heck is going on? Things seem really fouled up. And second, I expect my final order will cause the following items to arrive at my home: (2) XL Lounge bottoms and (2) boxes, with 20 tablets each, of Energy Recovery tablets because the specs for the Energy Recovery tablets says that a qty. of one includes two boxes of 20 each. Can you tell me if my order will get me what I expect? Barring any delivery Snafu’s of course! Thanks!

Hey there willyone. Not sure what was happening but your order is for 2 loungepants (XL) and 2 Fast & Up Energy Recovery Tubes.

The box with the tube was just to show what you were getting. The product comes in a box so you are getting 2 boxes and each contains a tube.

I don’t think the item was actually in your cart. It was just showing you what you missed.

Thanks for checking, appreciate it. And your right about the Stacker stuff said something about “showing me what I had missed”, however it had a remove button and I removed it from my first order/view cart. But, after I canceled my initial order, it appeared again in my second orders cart, again with a remove button and again I removed it. Oh well, as long as the order is correct in the end. Thanks again!