Fat Toad Farm Caramel Holiday (3)

This is a really awesome caramel and the price is pretty decent too. A two jar pack on Fat Toad’s website is $28 plus shipping, which varies depending on where you live, but it sure to be more than the $5 woot! charges.

I’m in for one.

On Wine.Woot there’s no extra $5 for shipping, it’s integrated in the product price.

I was in VT last summer & tripped across Fat Toad Farm. Kids wanted to do the tour, so we met the nice people who make the caramel & the happy goats who make the milk. Great little operation, and reeeally delicious caramel. It’s less expensive here for 3 jars than it is at the farm. Well worth the price for a great gift (give 2, keep 1 for yourself).

Give us 3 plains and I’d be in for 10. Call us luddites but we don’t like the flavored kind.