Fat Toad Farm Goat's Milk Caramel

Fat Toad Farm Goat’s Milk Caramel
$11.99 (+$5 shipping)

1 Original Caramel
1 Cinnamon Caramel


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I prefer fleur de sel caramel so pass for me.

Has anyone tried this? I would like to buy if it doesn’t taste like vomit.

You don’t hear that everyday.

The description is for the original and the cinnamon-flavored, but the specs say you get an original and a coffe bean-flavored. What gives, Woot? Very misleading.

1 year shelf life, in case anyone’s wondering.


seriously i break my caps lock thing. I went to a CSA market (40 or so CSAs showed up to push their programs). A CSA-alike, called Farmers to You, which brings weekly deliveries of farm items from Vermont to the Boston area had samples of this.

I joined them, but they sell each jar for $9.25, so this is a GREAT deal, and this stuff is amazingly tasty.


In for 2, but only because I already have a jar of each in my kitchen.

True that, but it didn’t stop me buying a set. Think of it as a BoC of a different flavor. Even if there is brigade of cows tonight, I will miss it, but the uncertainty of this item will make up for it. Not.

Hmm, thanks for pointing it out. I still got one but woot should correct this soon. I bet there are people who don’t like coffee.

I second this. Which is it?

Not cinnamon?? Darn. But, I dig coffee and LOVE caramel, so in for one.

Yep. Like me.

Description says “coffee” but the ingredient list and the image are “cinnamon”. Hmmmmmmmmmm . . .

I have a jar of the original version in my fridge – I’m not overly fond of it, quite honestly. I bought it from Green Mountain Coffee (I was buying K-cups), after reading glowing reviews on their site. I thought it had a slightly gamey flavor profile – just not what I want in a caramel, ya know?

you won’t need it, though!

Hey Woot staff, any word on the cinnamon/coffee issue? If it’s cinnamon I might be in for one. If coffee, nope.

LOL. I hope it’s coffee flavored, I don’t care for cinnamon.

Oh oh. Woot off fever has taken hold. Not even sure what I bought and I still can’t wait for it to arrive. Next item please.

This is made nearby & sold at all our local farmer’s markets. I like it a lot, but am not a caramel connaisseur by any stretch. rBGH free is nice. It’s a bit runnier than I expected, but still very edible. Spoonfuls disappear regularly!