Fat Toad Farm

I received a small jar of their classic caramel for Christmas and it’s absolutely awesome!

This is a pretty good deal, too. Two large jars directly from Fat Toad Farm is $26 plus a minimum of $12 shipping, and three large jars here is $28 shipping included.

I’m in for at least one…maybe two.

I got the 3 combo last time it was offered. These are amazingly good, and well worth the price. Try them on apples, ice cream, strawberries, heck, even each other!
Very good stuff.

Do you know what the expiration date on these jars is?

YES! This year’s goat babies just came out and they are being loved up by all of the amazing people at Fat Toad! Do yourself a favor and buy this caramel. It is seriously to die for. I would kill someone for this. You heard me. I would murder someone for this. Woot and Fat Toad Farm are the only thing stopping me from finding you.

I would love to buy the glasses/caramel set, but have no interest at all in coffee flavored caramel. :^( Perhaps future sales could offer a choice of caramel flavor with the glasses? I know that the glasses can be ordered from Fat Toad Farm’s website, but the shipping there is more than the cost of two glasses.

Did anyone else get the six-pack sampler and only receive three different kinds of caramel?

Yeah I only got 3 different flavours in mine too… Not real happy about that as I was looking forward to trying all 6.

Oh man, sorry about that. Have you guys emailed CS with your order info and situations yet?

I sent an email after posting yesterday but haven’t heard back yet