Fat Toad Goat's Milk Caramel (6)

All of these flavors sound really good. But 6-two ounce jars for $30?

They don’t have a 6-pack on their website, but you save $1/jar vs the 4-pack and $0.50/jar vs the 12-pack. Though you get to choose your flavors through their website.

You save about $5 a jar by buying a bag of sugar and making it yourself.

I have made my own caramel, and this stuff is still way better. You can taste the goats’ milk, you can taste the flavorings, it’s a little smooth, a little granulated… SO good. Been waiting for it to come back!

only if someone donates all the ingredients–cream is not cheap! (i love making caramel sauce.) i liked the fat toad caramel but didn’t love it; i’m just not a huge fan of the flavors, aside from the original and vanilla.

This stuff is SO good! You can definitely tell it’s made with goat’s milk, but that’s not a bad thing. The flavor combinations are excellent and you can really taste the various flavors.

This sample pack is a good way to try out all the flavors to find the ones you like. I haven’t found one that I don’t like.

These are definitely an indulgence, and for the price probably an adult one. In for one.

Yeah, you could also milk your own goat. That’s so not the point.

OK, so I just tried to place my order. Thought it would make a nice novelty gift for my 28 year old daughter. I’m a 59 year old man, but Woot says:

“Sorry, kid. You’re not old enough to buy this. Come back when you’ve grown up a little.”

What the he** is going on at Woot? I can tell by their silly descriptions that they are not the brightest bulbs in the box, but this is ridiculous.

Guess I should be flattered, but they didn’t actually check my license so how the heck did they determine that 59 isn’t old enough.

What a joke.

Have you ordered from Wine.Woot before? You will need to use the Login and Pay with Amazon feature; you should also be prompted to add you ID info.

Additionally, are you using the desktop site or mobile/app? Have you tried anything else (i.e. different browser, another device, etc.)?

Seems his point, and well taken, is this is not wine.

“So what difference does it make?”

It may just be some odd tweak on the back end, if no order from Wine.Woot has been placed, previously.

I’ve been to the Fat Toad Farm, and it is out in the middle of absolute nowhere Vermont… drive away from Bernie’s beloved Burlington, past the Whales’ Tales on the side of the highway, past Ben & Jerry’s Stowe and Keurig Green Mountain’s Waterbury, up, up into the mountains and over the floating bridge on Sunset Lake… Okay, you missed your turn if you went to the floating bridge, but it was worth it. The caramel tastes great, but it’s so much better when it requires a beautiful road trip.

I prefer to not taste goat, so it’s not really a positive comment for me.