Fat Unicorn

Are these $12 socks? Holy moley…

All of these socks are adorable wish the “One size fits all (most)” label had an upper size limit. I’m thinking ladies shoe size of 10 which would leave my size 11s out. For $12 I don’t want to risk them not fitting :(. They are cute though. Nice addition to the Woot Apparel Line!

When I saw the thumbnail of the socks earlier I thought they were knee socks and I was super excited and would totally pay $12 for them… but I dont wear this type of sock so now I’m bummed (but really, its ok, cause now I wont be spending stupid money on socks haha)

$12 for OS socks that don’t look very good quality is just ridiculous. it’s too bad. if they look like they were nice socks I’d buy these.