Fatboy G.T.G. Versipack - Black

I love mine have had it for years. Some times I wish I could switch which side is resides on, you know alternate shoulders.

I carry a Klean Kanteen 18 oz bottle (can rock a 27oz but it’ll be heavier and long, I know that’s what she said). Inside I can rock my Sony A6000 with an extra lens. In the rear, where a pistol could go (yeah these are gun totes AKA EDC bags, sometimes I refer to it as a Murse), I carry a small tablet like a Nexus 7 2nd gen or e-reader (Kobo/Sony) and LG bluetooth headset. Up front you have more space I usually carry a spork, back up battery (for the gadgets), pad and paper, maybe some collapsable chopsticks (never know when ya might be eating sushi, get it fresh!). Keys chill in the front of that pocket. And then there is a side pocket for a clip, I keep my wallet in there or a flash light.

The one thing I wish this had was a sealable center, like rain fly, which I think another model has but lacks the bottle holder, I want it all and I want it now!

I’ve had mine for a while now maybe 2 years, very durable, but I’m also easy on my gear.

Oh yeah there’s a belt loop which I barely use, I suppose it would help keep it holstered to your side, but it ain’t that comfy for me.

Enjoy yours :slight_smile:

I am an athletic trainer and I planning on using this as my sideline bag for football games. Does anyone know if this is rain resistant, or should I plan on hitting it with a can of waterproofer?

We don’t specify waterproof, so my bet is no, not waterproof.

BUT, it does say “Teflon™ fabric protector for grime resistance and easy maintenance”. I wonder if the Teflon coating is maybe water resistant, but not waterproof. Either way, I’d still spray some extra stuff on there!