Fatboy Original Jeans Beanbag


Fat Boy Beanbag Chairs
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
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Condition: New


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Hey Woot…

Yo, Woot!

Anybody seen Woot?

Oh Woot, where art thou?

(two hundred dollar bean bag… ROFL)

Oh the humanity

Does someone want to convince me that this bag is worth $225 beans? Are they magic beans?

Yes, i saw the dimensions, but glancing at the pic looks like a little hand held bag! Surprised they didnt put a person on it so we could see the justification and not just see a mini bag in the pic… at least thats what it looks like with no marker in the pic!

I almost blurted out a series of bad words when I saw it.

How about buying the Singer sewing machine on Woot for $259, grab some used jeans and a big bag of beans for $50 and go nuts!

Check out a couple of User Reviews

These actually look big and comfortable, use foam and are in the same price range.
Comfy Sack

I bought a non-jeans version from Bed Bath (used 20% off coupon) a while ago. I’m pretty sure it was cheaper back then.

If this one is the same size (looks like it), it’s HUGE. It barely fit in the back of my 4-door sedan and I had to remove it from the box.

You can easily lie on it. Unlike regular bag-bags, FatBoy is STUFFED. It has give, but not a ton. You definitely won’t fall into it or get sucked in like most beanbags. Good or bad depends on your preference.

Picture for scale…

I understand the “scale” issues here…but I really had to think about the date to make sure it wasn’t April 1st.

Heres another scale pic, since for some reason I couldnt open the other one:


I wonder if I could use this in my pool as a float???

A working URL for the pic: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2a/Fatboy-Meeting.jpg

A $200 bag made out of denim?

Is there something worth more than $25 actually inside the bag?

Is this the most expensive bag of crap on this site so far?

I’d pay $20 for one… $25 if I actually was looking for one.

Big bean bag? Or tiny, little woman? It’s kinda hard to say…

Can we get a banana in the picture for size reference?

Exactly. $5 worth of denim, $10 worth of filling, and the easiest construction ever. How this costs more than 50 bucks…tops… I don’t understand.

200 for a bean bag chair? Wow.
I hope those 20 something slackers in that pic above have something to fall back on when they aren’t able to convince people that their chairs are worth more than thirty bucks.