Fatboy Original Jeans Beanbag

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Fatboy Original Jeans Beanbag
Price: $159.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Feb 26 to Thursday, Feb 27) + transit
Condition: New


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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
12/17/2013 - $199.99 - 19 comment(s)

I’m guessing the model is not included.

anyone with a sewing machine and a walmart with $20 to spare could do this in a weekend.

This isn’t quite true at all. That’s some high endurance fabric, and the beans need to be able to withstand someone sitting on em.

I know some people who had one and didn’t end up using it very often, but the quality is pretty good as far as I can tell and certainly will cost a lot more than $20. Probably less than $300, but no clue how it stacks up against the sale price here.

Compare to Yogibo:

it’s some other kind of high endurance jean fabric and space age beans that I’m not seeing? ok maybe more than $20. certainly nowhere near $160.

“space age beans” mmm sounds tasty!

Can skinny boys use this product as well?

i just bought this from amazon 2 weeks ago for $179 and i can tell you a few things…

first, it’s strong construction. you could not make this for $20, you’d prolly spend that on just the thread. the denim is super strong. i haven’t investigated on how/if the cover was removable or washable.

my two kittens and one 5 year old fight over its use. kittens usually win.

and unless this thing is propped against a wall, it’s not going to position itsself like it is in the picture.

I’d be willing to bet that a substantial portion of the cost goes for shipping. There’s no way they can ship these things for five bucks. It costs more than five bucks for a box big enough to hold it.

Should have traded my cow for some of those instead of these stupid “magic” ones…

Anyone know how these compare to the LoveSac PillowSac?

But there are no golden geese in space! Go with the magic beans every time!

does anyone know where it made?

I don’t recommend these. We have 2 that we bought on here awhile back. When they arrived they were super flat. Contacted the company and after a bunch of conversations and photos of flat bags they sent 2 HUGE bags of extra fill. Now the one we use a lot is too flat again. The bag itself is kinda cool, but the fill is awful. Just be prepared to have to refill often (which is its own adventure - took months to stop finding little styrofoam balls everywhere…)

Howdy. Made in China.

Love my Papasan from Pier1. The nephew called it the “Chair of no doggieness”. The dogs wouldn’t get in it and he could get away (we was bitten once (not by my dogs)).