Fate of the Planet

I don’t understand this shirt, I just know that it’s awesome.

So…how well is this going to print?

Holy smokes, this is a great illustration! Love the style.

That creature reminds me of a futuristic space-hydra.

The whole shirt reminds me of awesomeness.

Giant Robot vs. Azathoth

I don’t get it…maybe if it was pluto…then maybe.

I’m positive Mr. Spens has a really nice home entertainment system with the frequency of his wins. Nice design.

Indeed. This robot is 100% win.

Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor.

My fellow Pastafarians I implore you to boycott this shirt. To believe that some man-made robot could destroy His Noodliness.

I ask you if this shirt depicted some thing else as the center of attack, i.e. another religious icon from a mainline religion, would there not be horrible consequences?

~ Sincerely The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

P.S. /sarcasm

Oohhh crunchy snacks with built in microwand. Om-Nom.

Amazing job. I’m glad this printed.

Is there any designer out there with a more varied style than Patrickspens? Every one of his designs is totally different and unique, and still top-quality.

Yesterday we get dizzy being juggled; today we’re attacked by a space tentacle thing.

Thanks everyone! I hope you all enjoy the shirt as much as I will :slight_smile:


Would anyone mind if I imagined myself in that robo-suit, saving the world from certain doom once again?

If you don’t get it, why are you here?

I like this because we don’t get a lot of full-shirt designs here at woot. It looks really awesome and I hope it comes as good on the shirt as it does on my computer screen.

Since I’m positive it will sell out, I’m actually going to wait to purchase it because I want to see how well it prints.

this is a sweet shirt, still not my jam, but well made. Hope it prints well for those who order.

Hoping for great success with Saturday and Sunday.