Fathead Tron Wall Graphic

I would buy 3 if they were Quorra Ones

“■ Move it and reuse it anytime and it won’t damage your wall”

…unless you attach it to the wall using previously purchased caulk…

Wootoff killer indeed. How about some nice metal water bottles? I lost mine a few weeks ago… and I’m so thirsty now

Er, I didn’t think it spoiled anything until you outright said it. I mean, I honestly assumed at first you were referencing the title of the movie, not the actual character.

First the bottle tags that should be on Wine.woot, and now we get into Kids.woot???

BTW: TPW; what’s with the 2499 BOCs? What happened to the 2500th one. Was that the one I had locked in while I stared at the screen doing nothing? Just Asking.

I’d welcome the rock on a stick from yesterday at this point

Actually that’s Sam Flynn in the graphic, not Rinzler/Tron. The writeup spoiled it in the process of commenting on spoilers. :expressionless:


In for 3!! One for the bathroom, the kitchen, and the front door :slight_smile:

I’m still here - heading to PM now… :slight_smile:

The geek in me says yes, the wife beside me says no!


uhng krowl lar grrrrrrrrraaaaa.

Soooooo sick of Tron $(*@#… nobody gives a crap anymore, Amazon puppets!

I’d buy three if they were bags O cr@p!

If I paid $3 for a b@g o cr@p and got 20 of these in the b@g I’d be torqued…and we’re not allowed to whine about what’s in them…

I got a fat head…

if ya know what i mean


I want more BaGS O CraP