Fathead TRON Wall Graphic

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Fathead TRON Wall Graphic
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Why Woot Why???

In for 3.

I swear these are normally 10 each right? Anyways for <$20 I have plans for these…

Ah, a Fat Head to go with my balls.

Thanks, Woot!



At this point, I’ve given up hope for woot and just want the screaming monkeys.

Tron spelled backwards is Nort.

I knowwww!!! It’s horrible. :[

California buys 3 dull green, Illinois buys 1. Bright greet. I never understand this map.

Edit: These will go faster than normal… they cut the price in half. It’s normally 9.99 each when these kill a woot off…

I had assumed at this price maybe they only had 10 or 15 for sale and I’d clean out most of them

Now it’s a woot-off!

Shut the Front Door???
What the Front??

Better than a poster, much bigger than a sticker, and tougher than a decal.

Time to get these things spayed or neutured. They must be multiplying when the Woot! staff is not looking. That can be the only reason they are still in the inventory.

What’s more outdated now? The original Tron or the new one? At least the original has the retro value.

Maybe it’s based on buyers vs potential buyers (subscribers)

My nephew is gonna love this!

Why woot do you have me buying so much random shit … I swear my po box will be PACKED! On another note I think I’ve pay about $60 in shipping this woot off.

hmmm maybe

Edit: Are there any woot staff wizards that can explain the map to me? Thunderthighs? Snapster? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?


I’d rather give the $ to Tron Guy, so he can buy
some shorts as it seems nobody’s told him
he’s showing off his floppy and his bytes.

Flynn Lives!

Glad to see my state is apparently full of nerds. Or people who just REALLY want to see these go away.

Quick, somebody buy them all before they wind up in boxes of crap!