Father Figure

Anyone else hearing George Michael in their head? :smiley:

Congrats on the first place win mate, well deserved!

That is some dad quality humor there alright. Congrats taters! :^)

Woohoo! Thanks everyone who voted for this… didn’t expect to get a win with it. Happy day. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your Derby win, Tater! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

Way to go tater! Funny stuff, deserved to win.

This is great. It inspires me to do a shirt about grammar. (D)ad and (F)ather.

One of us is wrong.

:-/ I don’t get it.

You can for $7.

Wonderful shirt. My wife laughed to the point that I took it personally.
In for four.

Funny saying, but not gonna lie - there are better shirts already out there.

Taters gonna tate, and I like your stuff, but this one shouldn’t have taken a trophy.

Meh… I searched for father figure shirts and didn’t find one… not gonna feel bad about that. I’ll gladly take the trophy.

Thanks. :slight_smile: