Father's Day Gifts Under $25

You only had one of the S&W pens???

In what world is $34.99 under $25?

In a world where you and 3 siblings each pay 10 dollars to cover the 34.99 and 5 dollars shipping. Else… not so much. :slight_smile:

Having learned that $35 is actually HIGHER than $25, we have lowered the price to accommodate our theme. Sorry for the bad math!

I am hoping that I will receive something really crappy for fathers day… but that is highly doubtful

Where exactly does one affix a cufflink on a woot shirt?

These are all terrible Father’s Day gifts for any children that have their own cards to have their own Woot account. These gifts would fit closer to a young twenty-something than anyone nearing their forties.

For the Medal of Honor Warfighter Edition Air Flo Controller for PS3 - you have photos of an XBOX360 controller. Is the actual item a PS3 controller or for XBOX? Thanks

Hmmmmm! No clue, gonna check in on that to clarify. I’ll edit my post when I hear back.

Edit: our set-up person reassures me it’s PS3 but agrees the pics maybe aren’t the best. He’s going to try to look for more, but definitely PS3.

Edit 2 MORE INFO: you can check out the sale here on Amazon where you can see the differences in the controllers a lot better.

I bought 2 in December and it was for PS3. Luckily I just assumed it was for PC and being that I don’t have a PS3, I had to re-sell them at cost to some friends. I even looked at “Stuff I bought” to make sure the picture looks the same and it does.

Now… Give me my quality post.

Dear God…are these the sorts of things I’m going to want now that I’m a father??

Be forewarned…the Alex Stevens hoodies are extremely slim fitting. I’m 6’1" 210 lbs and normally get away with a large…the large in this was almost skin tight.

Only selling one Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen? I don’t know, but it seems like woot! may be setting their sellling goals a little too low. I feel dissapointed and let down. This is going to be the worst Father’s Day ever!!! I don’t blame woot! though, I blame my kids that didn’t have their $#!^ together enough to grab the one that was there.

Surely you read the manual they gave you??

Note that the ties are basically “skinny” ties…so if you have a fat dad, either tell him to quit being a porker or buy him some different ties.

Perhaps the skinny tie will have a slimming effect. Or will make him look comically large.


I have never seen such a great collection of ugly stuff. Great to give to deadbeat dads.