Father's Day Movies

There are several movies in this group that I was interested in, but every single one I looked at was cheaper on Amazon (sometimes by a couple cents but sometimes by a couple dollars) and eligible for free shipping. I’d probably only buy from this deal now if I were already buying something else and already paid the $5 for shipping.


Is that for people who really, really hate their father?

Don’t know why, but the Bluray/DVD Collector’s Edition of Finding Nemo is $19 with Prime on Amazon, but just the Bluray is $30 (like Woot).

Same situation with The Incredibles. Bluray/DVD Collector’s is $32 with Prime, but just the Bluray is $39.

What’s up with this pricing?

Exactly what I thought when I saw “After Earth” on here. Oh well, I guess it’s cheaper than therapy…

Many, if not most, of the DVDs can oftentimes be found in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart, etc.

Not exactly a killer deal…but then again, not much on Woot qualifies as such anymore…

the prices are on par with most of woots offerings anymore.

… Boyz in the Hood? Ok…!

No “The Road”?

Freakin’ overpriced Disney movies.

Associate something as noble as Parenthood and Family with recycled Hollywood fiction in order to exploit genuine sentiment and cash in on a National Holiday honoring aforementioned. Ignoble but Clever.

Really? $10 for Big Daddy?

Probably getting a taste of that “bottom line” syndrome. Another one bites the dust.

No bargains here. Example: I just bought the “Uncle Buck/The Great Outdoors” DVD Double feature for $4.99 @ Best Buy, where here they want $9.99 just for “The Great Outdoors” DVD! For the most part, the selections here are good, just not the pricing, even before you add in the shipping.

Who buys these marked up DVDs to keep motivating them to list them? I mean they’re already out there for more than you’d pay retail or Amazon in most cases and then you have a $5 shipping charge on top of it. Once again, the complete opposite of a deal.

Only give your dad After Earth if you despise him.

How is this a deal? After the shipping cost and tax these movies are pricy.

What?!?! You guys are actually charging real money for “After Earth”? It better come with money inside.