Faulty Credit Card Page

So i have been trying to make some purchases for some time and the paiment keeps getting denied.
I try to use both my amazon account (french) and my card and it’s not working either
It’s really frustrating …

But I notice that your credit card page is faulty because there is no input for the cryptogram of the card (usally it’s the last 3 digits on the back of the card).

Hope it helps.

Hi there. Thank you for the feedback. Let me check in with our developers.

Hi there. We’re emailing you directly with more information. Look for an email from Woot Cs.

France has Internet now?

But seriously, that’s clearly a USA-specific shipping page, as the address form is USA specific. Maybe you need to enter the site from a .fr domain?

USA uses a 3-digit complementary code as well. (4 for American Express).

Woot typically only sells to USA addresses. Except for shirts and nobody buys their shirts.


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Especially not now since they turned @acraigl’s Thanksgiving shirt into an apron.

I may have taken out a loan to buy the napkins had they printed it on those.


ThunderThighs - I am having the same issue, trying to order dailydeal and when I try to pay - I am NOT seeing any place to enter credit card code - and am continually being denied. Any help?

Am having the same issue, do you recall what the solution was that was emailed to you?

We did not email a solution. We were asking for more information.

His situation is different bd he’s outside the US.

Make sure your billing address on woot is the same as your card.

Also, try removing it completely and starting over.

If that doesn’t work, you might try login with amazon if you have an Amazon account.