Favorite animal to die in a Disney film?

Favorite animal to die in a Disney film?

Bambi’s Mama. :pensive:

Why are you doing this to me? (thx, @funsyd!)


I had to go with Old Yeller, that was the only one that you really got to know over almost the entire film, the others were gone before you really understood them beyond knowing they were the parent of the main character.

Also I just have to ask where was Bambi’s Father? If he wasn’t dead before the movie started he has a lot of explaining to do because at the end Bambi was there with his Doe and Fawns like a real Buck.

Old Yeller had me go thru 2 boxes of tissues. :sob:

Yeah… That’s bugged me for years now. I mean, the dude shows up AFTER Bambi’s mom dies, but he was absentee until that point. :frowning:

Charlotte, in Charlotte’s Web

Animals… They do that. Dad bears, will eat the young, so that the mom will go back into heat, and then they can mate again. But… Mama bear ain’t having it… She will chase will kill his @$$ if she can.

Of course, absent parent(s) is a HUGE trope in the Disney franchise.

First book that ever made me cry. “She died alone.” I’m tearing up right now. Not Disney but yeah that one tore me up.

Oh, yeah— real animals I get. This is Disney, though. I kinda expected different from them; However, your point is valid.

(With Disney-and-parents thing)

Bambi was a weird on for me. It’s like the beginning and end felt like reality. But all the stuff in the middle was a cartoon. Maybe Bambi got into some mushrooms right after mom died and the whole movie was just a trip.

Not to deviate from the topic, but I really enjoyed the Robin Hood movie more.

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About my favorite for sure!