Favorite Cereals

Trying out some old cereals lately, any suggestions for some Sugar-Fueled, nostalgia-riddled flashbacks? :slight_smile:

Fruity Pebbles! Other than the waxy paste the builds up on the roof of your mouth, this stuff is awesome.

Lucky Charms are purely nostalgic for me, one of the few ‘sweet’ cereals I was allowed.

I still eat Golden Grahams.

Cap’n Crunch, Quisp, Quake, Sugar Pops, and Honey Smacks leap to mind!!

Do NOT remember Quisp and Quake LOL, had to look those up;


Anyone still eat Cracklin Oat Bran?! hahah

I might have a few years on ya!!

Every once in a while I’ll get fruty pebbles or cap’n cruch (Crunch berrys FTW) and demolish the box in a 5 or so days… my wife hates that.

Older cereals I loved as a kid

Marshmallow Rice Krispies

Ghostbusters Cereal

ALSO not cereal… but I really wish they’d bring back watermelon pop-tarts… I LOVED those… The jerks have 15 varieties of strawberry but a guy can’t get any watermelon love… wtf.

Lucky Charms and Super Sugar Crisp. Only my nanny would buy them for me and I wasn’t allowed to tell my parents I ate it. :slight_smile:


What I’d give for a box of these suckers! :slight_smile:

Also, not sure if these are still around, I thought they were pretty decent:

Just outta curiosity, are you related to “THESAURUSDORIS”?? :tongue:

How about $207.50?

Don’t forget the Cookie Crisp!




Freakies, but they would be very stale. :frowning:

Taste like captain crunch, we sing the jingle all the time still & I have 2 sets of magnets.

So old, so very very old…sigh.

I remember when Captian Crunch was just a Ensign

Quisp is one of my old time favorites. It also may have only been regional and not nationwide.

It was national.

How about Reeses Puffs? They might not be that old though.

Target is selling Quisp for a limited time. Just saw it at a Target in jersey.

How about King Vitamin?

Or Freakies?

Or Kaboom?

Or Honeycomb?

Or Alpha Bits?

i love lucky charms, corn pops , sugar pop things and so many more…

but when i was growing up in a family of 8 we never had sweet cereals. so i would sneak nesquik onto my rice crispies and kix

oh i love those king vitimans you posted … i think i was on wic when we lived in north carolina and i just love the lack of sweetness, but sweetness :slight_smile: