Favorite Game on Woot

What’s your favorite game on Woot? I like outsmart Mort. Not a fan of the animal picking one. Monkey, dog, cow…lol

I do best on the animal game, personally. The trivia one makes me nervous so I panic and tend to choose an answer at random before the time runs out. I would be awful as a game show contestant.

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How about a poll? I didn’t include puzzle since I figured the BOC reward would skew the results or the monkey Jump since it’s luck based.

What’s your favorite Digital Crap Game?
  • Stick Samurai (Plank)
  • What’s that Animal?
  • Outsmart Mort Trviia
  • Monkey Hop (new)
  • Monkey Bash (new)
  • Space Adventure (new)

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I like the one which was just brainstormed.

You’re the best ThunderThighs! Thanks!