favorite music


who are some of your favorite artists and why/which style/whatever else you want to add?

martin sexton - laid back, acoustic, blues, soulful, best voice i’ve ever heard
michael hedges - also acoustic, extremely talented (especially for his time, died in '97)
bela fleck & the flecktones - experimental jazz, everyone in the group is world-class
michael kelsey - another acoustic guitarist, best performer i’ve ever seen

i’ll probably add more later


I’m in a pissy mood, so I’m going to sleep.
Good day.


take it easy, FenStar


not a lot of music lovers in wootopia, eh?


I love music, but don’t listen to much that I could converse about with most people.


ah, well if you ever want new music, give the musicians above a listen


Thanks, I am familiar with Bela Fleck.


he’s amazingly gifted… and probably the modest musician i’ve ever met, which is refreshing for someone of his caliber


I agree, he is very talented. I’m also a fan of Victor Wooten.


i’m a bassist, so victor wooten is definitely one of my biggest influences. the second time i met him, i told him i was trying to absorb his skills through osmosis by shaking his hand. he said that i’ve “got it now.” i just “have to hone it.” i think he may have been leading me on… but anyway, he agreed to record my voicemail greeting on my cellphone for incoming calls. it was great, but most people wouldn’t leave a message because they thought they dialed the wrong number. he doesn’t sound anything like me…


Haha, that is a great story. I played bass for about 7 years but fell off when I graduated college, moved away from my bandmates and got a job. I still have it in the corner of the room. Should probably pick it back up and just noodle a bit.


definitely. one of my tuning keys just broke last week, so i’m going to replace them all with better ones


I tune; yet y’all Toon?!?!?!?


you’re right… i should’ve gotten my tuner from the Tooner!