Favorite Woot!

Looks like most folks favor the OLD Woot! Haven’t seen any REAL deals since you guys sold out to Amazon.

I’m sure you already own this, but if you don’t, here’s a link to get one!




Because I don’t use social media, I didn’t know until a little while ago. that Woot is offering 15 coupon codes every day for free t-shirts.

This shirt, as well as I’m Never Shopping at Woot Again! would both be ironic purchases.


Hmmm then you haven’t been looking! We’ve had serious butthurt posts from people missing out on several sold out deals over the last 9 years since acquisition. If you don’t believe me, take a poke at ye olde Slickdeals history. But keep coming by to tell us how much we suck! It makes my metrics go up which makes Unkie Jeff happy. :smiley:


Did you notice the “I miss the old woot!” shirt is on sale for $11 today?

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I’d get (another) one, but I don’t look that great in green.

My most enjoyable shirt, on the other hand, is the solid grass green t-shirt which was sold years ago, and which got a lot of people upset.

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I can’t believe you made me look at Twitter. There are no amount of coupons in this world to make me go on Facebook tho.

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I only knew about the coupon because of the Woot homepage.

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I forget to look in that nonsense. It only comes in handy for the crap day hunts.


Ultimately, there was a reprint, albeit under a different name.

What happened after that … I won’t get into.

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Where’s your data to support that?
You can’t throw out something like that without data!


Totally blank would seem to be the literal example of “Out of Print”

Unkie? Last time you said…

What kind of weird relationship do you two really have?

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I can’t explain our unique bond in simple English terms.

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At least he doesn’t pose a threat to me. :wink:

Yeah it is a shame they changed.

All I know is I failed to figure out the coupon code (again) for the free shirt today so Woot (or whatever your name is!) is dead to me. Do you hear me? DEAD!

And it will be again tomorrow when I try and fail to get the coupon, and when I try and fail to get some of the dollar stuff next week, and a BOC, and a LE BOC, and… well, you get the idea.

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It looks like he’s trying to work up to sugar daddy or snugglewumpus.

Y’all do realize Amazon bought Woot nine years ago, right? Yet you’re still here. In fact, it appears you joined well after it happened if the date (2017) on your profile is right.

ETA: The OG poster has been around since 2007, it’s just this guy who’s a noob.

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