FBI/CIA Films: Declassified (DVD Box Set)

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FBI/CIA Films: Declassified (DVD Box Set)
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Another Woot for Paranoid Uncle Joe.


This is painful.

Could this be the worst one ever? I’d rather dive my hand into a box of crap and it be thumbtacks than get this…

Well, at least being declassified means that there’ll be no visits from scary people in black suits in a couple of weeks for the buyers of this.

This is be up for a while.

Whoa… we here get our info from the main stream media. Non of this hocus-pocus spook jimmer jammer.

I would buy one but I know the man would be watching for me to do so.

Bonus instructions on how to make your own tinfoil hat

couldnt pay me to take these!



oooof. I winced visibly when this came up.

I bet my grandfather would be stoked to never unwrap these.

Does this have the "why I can never get a BOC " conspiracy story???

they must be refurbished.

Great gift for the conspiracy theorist in the family. C’mon, everyone has one.

Looks like there’s a bunch of these… we could be here awhile.

This is not relevant to my interests.