FBI/CIA Films: Declassified (DVD Box Set)

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FBI/CIA Films: Declassified (DVD Box Set)
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Sat through all those dang golf balls for this??!!?? Sheesh!!

G’night, folks!

2 more hours at work… come on woot… give me something to woot about!!


Well kick me in the jimmy! That’s it for me.

Oh geez…there’s quite a few of these!

$36.99 on Amazon, marked down from $89.99. http://www.amazon.com/FBI-CIA-Declassified-Films-na/dp/B003YV3O9Q

In for one. My B-I-L is a CIA junkie, and also (by his own admission) older than dirt. He’ll get a kick out of them.

Well, I had to use the bathroom and WASH MY HANDS AGAIN, so I missed a lot, but all of you conspiracy theorists should buy three of these RIGHT NOW!

OK - time for a little gamer therapy. KippyJ - great chatting with you again! Sent that PM for a little jerky assistance - read that too fast mods and it sounds kinda dirty. lol

■30 hours of criminals, spies

Naa, I can watch all the political debates to hear the REAL criminals!

They go for the same price on ebay. But man that’s like .90 per dvd. Looks awesome. I bought one lol

Can I pay 9.99 to have them classify them back again.

Daily Steals was selling these just 4 days ago.

(More expensive than Woot’s price, though.)

This website has more details on the content of the videos:

Woot would have to pay me to watch this junk

Silly…it’s just a really great recipe. I’ll send it if I remember when I wake up from the freakinugly w00t-off :slight_smile:

This will make a great christmas gift for my father! In for one.

These should definitely appeal to members of Occupy Wall Street. Too bad they don’t have the means to purchase them.