FBI/CIA Films: Declassified (DVD Box Set)

When Amazon marks it down 60%…it doesn’t mean it’s a deal…it means that no one wanted it there, either…

Guess the Woot! gods needed to sleep for a few hours. Between this one and the M’n’M flash drive on Kids.Woot…they should be fully rested for a better Woot!-off tomorrow! Here’s hopin’!

Yeah, holiday gifts for the law enforcement people (or law enforcement wanna bes) in our families – we all have 'em! I’m in for one. (Just one law enforcement person in this family…)

They have a bunch of pictures on the National Archives Facebook page too (which has a lot of interesting content!)


Holy Crap! I’d love to work all night. I never sleep. What do you do at your job?

P.S. Please tell me it’s not a factory where everything is always the same.

I’m thinking this might be the type of thing my grandparents might enjoy . . . we finally got them to try (and actually use) a DVD player. They tend to be technology-resistant.

Does it involve dehydrating the meat on a box fan?

I work graveyard myself 2 nights a week. Hotel desk clerk at a small hotel. Nothing but time to be on the nets.

According to my calculations, I estimate this woot will end at 5:38 am CST.

I wonder if we can get some hand sanitizer up in here for

I bought two . . . one for my grandparents, and one that I’ll watch and then put in the family White Elephant Christmas party. Knowing my spouse’s family, there will be quite a battle over it–they’re all geeky history buff types.

BTW, on eBay even used sets are going for quite a lot more than this price.

Yeah I’m a lady of the night auditing ninja!! Usually during the week it’s slow so I have time to woot-off and watch movies… you know ninja stuff!!

That was actually pretty quick for 250 of them.

perfect gift for my husband! he’s deployed right now but will be home at the end of November… I can use this as a stocking stuffer… 17 disc box set? YAY! love the price!! thanks woot!

Did anyone else receive theirs where the boxes were torn on the bottom? I ordered two sets and both of them were torn on the bottom left and folded back the same way for about an inch.

I wanted to give one of them as a gift but I don’t know now, I don’t feel right giving something that’s damaged. Kinda bummed.