Fear of the Dark

Oh yeah - artistic and emotional! To me, she’s fighting that fear, even as it’s all around her. It takes talent to say that much with so little color.

Oh yay, a black shirt with red spots. At least, that’s all it will look like. :confused:

This design seems to reveal itself the closer you get to it. I like it.

this shirt stinks, red is not even afraid…how is it a phobia when you don’t look afraid!!!

I like that there’s absolutely nothing cutesy and that stylistically this is far from the normal Ramy work

For some reason the word “redrum” from The Shining comes to mind.

She doesn’t look very scared to me. In fact, she seems like a confident young woman.

Nice shirt.

I know this story. She hides in a house made of straw.

in for 2
buckle my shoe!

Where’s the fear? If she gets chased by a wolf, she need only build her house out of bricks.

Or maybe I’m getting my fairy tales confused.

“Fear of getting caught…” I feel like there’s a coded message here…

Wait, did woot just say that Seki and Ramy are the same person, or that they collaborated on this one?

Remember, Red is packing…its prolly the wolf who is afraid.

Anyone who has red between the lines around here would be phobic of this winner.

You know, if she’s so scared of the dark, perhaps she shouldn’t have picked a black shirt. Now lemon - lemon shirts are way less scary.

It looks way too dark to print well

Oh yeah, Little Red (aka “Little Red BOSS” according to google’s 1st cached result) looks ALL ready to deliver that basket of food.

P.S. 1st place? Wow.
P.P.S. My face when ramyb gets compared to The Beatles – D:

At least its not a Halloween shirt.

CRUSHING disappointment. I had this whole thing ready to post for a tj/bass win. Not to mention I really want that shirt.
>sigh< Maybe I can stay awake again tomorrow, um, no - tonight!
Sorry, ramy, I don’t think this will print well, so no sale here. But congrats on the win.