Feast it Forward Cabernet Sauvignon (3)

Feast it Forward Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack
Sold by: Maroon Winery
$99.99 $198.00 50% off List Price
2010 Feast it Forward Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

Lovely, a new Cab. Anyone got any endorsements? I am on a bit of a moratorium right now but could be persuaded to buy some of this if the right people throw some weight around.

From KQED Public TV:
Feast it Forward is an online network and lifestyle brand that serves as a guide to the conscious consumer. Feast it Forward seeks to enlighten viewers and open minds through a unique platform and experience of food, drink and giving back.


Looks like they teamed up with Maroon Winery to make this. Meh

Don’t know what your problem is with Maroon. I’ve always liked their Cabs.

At this price point, I’m not attracted to a designer label nor a catchy brand name.

How’s the juice?

No problem with Maroon, but as said above just another designer/gimmick label with nothing to back up the price of admission. Also not a fan of the giving to charity hook. But that’s a different topic.

Hi all! FEAST here…looking forward to your questions. Help us RAISE a glass awareness and funds! Insert virtual cheers here…

It’s tasty goodness…and for a good cause. DO IT :slight_smile: wink wine wink

We are an online network that produces unique entertaining content alongside our products with purpose. No gimmick here. We work with the likes of Jacques Pepin and Rick Moonen, I can assure you this is our business, not something just thrown into a bottle.

The label is our company logo, no “design” plan other than our brand and network tying to our products. We also do a line of glassware with Stolzle stemware. Just simply our logo and good juice. Nothing more to it. Hoping you enjoy :slight_smile:

Good Morning…yes, we paired up with our friends at Maroon. Good people and good wines to help support our cause alongside including it into our production filmings with chefs.

Hi there! Good juice and Marooon are great peeps. We hope you enjoy it!

Well, its good to know that the Winery stands by its work. Thanks for taking the time to join us, its always nice to see winery participation, especially new wineries.

I am gonna sit on this one for now and see if anyone else speaks up. It would be difficult for me to buy this without hearing from someone in this community who has tried it. But after a day of thinking it over I might just change my mind.

Nice year in Napa for Cabernet (although not a 2013 obviously). I’m not so familiar with Maroon’s wines, so I’m also wondering if there be rodents scurrying about somewhere…

That’s what I’m waiting for as well.

IIRC you had very nice things to say about this wine after sharing it with bahwm over one of your amazing dinners awhile back - maybe 2 years ago? You must have gotten it from UC, as I did. I only got 1 bottle and still haven’t opened it.

Nothing like tasty goodness!
and may I ask what the “good cause” is? wink wine wink

can you fix these links to donate?



No worries! All good…hoping you join us in the future. Thanks for your support!

Yes, we just re-initiated our new foundation so need to fix the info but our Foundation supports 20 charities each year through our national events and products with purpose!