February 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!! 💩

LOVE IT! You made good choices!!

Seriously perfect for this thread. Congrats on incoming disappointment.

RE: Hippo theme
Yeah, we knew that. We totally knew that.


Thank you for your generosity! :smiley:

Piggies! Fluffy Piggies!

HA! love it!!!


They were still building them yesterday when I went out to the warehouse. Patience is requested. :slight_smile:



Money, monkey, i was close.

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Mine is due by the end of the day, man you guys are eager to disappoint as I just got this BOC during the woot off! LOL I hope it has the monopoly money holder in it…please please please! LOL

Just checked back and it went from Deliver by the end of day - Friday between 4-8pm…

The disappointment has already begun! :sob: LOL :rofl:



So much crap! Melody couldn’t wait for me to finish unboxing to start taking it all in.

Just look at all that crap!
Crap bag in me favoritest color!
Knife protector. Mr Dork protects by keeping the knives away from me completely
Squishy poop, stolen by Mr Dork and the cats
Drinking glass for drinking booze, of course!
Purple plushie thing with giant ears
Christmas sheet music book
Pop socket
Charleston shirt. Never been, but I do know the dance
2x kids Woot! shirts
Rando foam airplane wings
Fantastic Beasts coloring book for the youngest niece
Silly putty for ME!
NFL scrunchie
Fairy Ballerina coffee cup, also for drinking booze
How to Catch an Elf book
Peppa Pig Halloween book
Fish bait, snagged by Mr Dork
A bunch of loose parts and an instruction guide that is quite possibly for those loose parts that may or may not all be there because they were kinda just tossed in the box-my first puzzle!
Index cards I should have used to catalog all this crap, rather than squinting at the pic trying to remember everything

Yeah, mom. You’re hilarious. :roll_eyes:

Melody selfie!

What’s Mr Bacardi’s first name? Is it Joe? I’ll call him Joe. Ready for TT’s next happy hour!

This is where the books go. :green_heart::green_heart:

Thanks to TT and the gang for another fun BOC experience! So much disappointment in such a small box!


My crap has arrived!

How to Catch and Elf
There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey
Leather Phone case
Kids Woot shirt
Soccer shirt
Purple binder
Woot Monkey
Water Bottle
3D Drawing Kit
DIY Neon
Gutter Gard
Storage Container Set
Oilers Bag
Switch Pitch ball
Woot Pen (not in picture)

Thanks Woot!!


Oh well. I was close.


Got my BOC today from last week, Nothing great and not really anything that might be that useful besides the woot pen.

3 pvc elbows
1-monopoly money tray
1- I love bull mastiffs glass
1 - 6pack of LED tea lights
1- soccer starz Markovic
1- pack of 144 Halloween temporary tattoos
1 - Selfie clip
1-XL chefworks shirt
1-metal chirstmas tree covered in sparkles
1-kid size 10 pink woot shirt
1-woot pen
2-Motorola to VGA adapter
1-delicate laundry bag
1-green woot BOX bag
1-Nebraska Baseball wallet.

The cat is looking at me like he couldn’t believe I even paid $10 for this stuff.

Oh well, good fun!


Another disappointment!


Fibber! Nebraska sports team wallet and the money tray!

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Crap has landed!

Bag o crap bag x1 (somewhat useful)
Fitbit covers x4 (donate)
Xerox feed roller x1 (not sure what printer/copier/fax this would even go to, but I don’t own it)
10pk fuses x1 (possibly for light strands?)
NC Tarheels Dawg Tagz x1 (donate)
Motorola VGA travel adapters x2 (probably trash)
Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protector x1 (have the S7 so donate)
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case x1 (ditto)
3W 2-prong light bulb x1 (donate)
4pk flameless candles x1 (donate)
2pk plantar fasciitis foot compression sleeves x1 (donate)
Selfie clip x1 (donate)
Brandless wireless airbuds x1 (donate)
Woot! crap x1 (undecided)
page-a-day islands calendar x1 (…from 2016)
Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary x1 (donate)
Love Boat styled captain’s hat x1 (donate)
This Woot Tardis shirt x1 (Awesome! But in size 2X so disappointment. Donate)

And the most useful thing I’ve received in 9 craps:

a 3-hook wall mounted coat rack with the mounting hardware

Thanks Woot!

The cat was unimpressed with all of it.


Here it is, in all its crappy glory. My 8 year old daughter is definitely snatching half of this box.

1 cloth bag
1 power ranger sweatshirt
1 Houston Texans shirt women’s
1 humidifier replacement pad with Agion
1 diy neon light
1 deck of cards
1 ball and stick game
1 book there was an old woman who swallowed a turkey
2 mini paint rollers
1 ball (deflated)
1 pack of pens with emulsion ink
1 dean and Tyler belt (ugly)
1 poop emoji stress poop
1 ‘Mercia pop socket
1 Mississippi state license plate frame
1 8x10 cotton canvas panel
1 small merry Christmas bag
1 I do 3D vertical pen (looks pretty cool)
24 Disney descendants cupcake rings
1 flying monkey with eggs and bacon cape
700 finishing nails

Thanks as always woot. I do love crap.


Got my Bundle of Canadians today and I couldn’t be more disappoint!

First BoC in about a decade for me so let’s get to it!

Left to rightish:
Light up sci-fi ninja suit in kids S.
Social Studies textbook (used, with “Property of The State of Texas” sticker inside.
Clip on fisheye.
Woot pen, monkey, actual BoC.
Lace gumpaste mat.
LED headlamp.
Ruggedized pink iPhone 5s case.
“I never use my turn signal” bottle.
NY Giants shirt, Starfox? Shirt, both M (I’m a L).
Motorola VGA adapter.

Overall very disappointing, even more disappointed at the lack of TOTAL disappointment as my toddler son will probably get some enjoyment out of a couple of these items.


Looking at that expression, I’d say that’s an understatement.



Buffet of crap!

I feel like the person filling my BOC had a mission to categorize the order :slight_smile:

1x beige bag (which was used to put all the BOC content into, thumbs up woot!)
1x official BOC bag (yes!)

1x Motorola to VGA adapter
1x usb 3.1 A to C cable

emoji thingies
1x poop emoji stress reliever
1x Emoticon LED Light with Hook Countertop Display

1x green led light
1x solar rock light …thingy?

for the hands
1x hothands hand warmer
1x fingerless gloves

1x watermelon slicer
1x flour sifter

outdoor picnic
1x jarts splash
1x party/picnic tablecloth clip clamp x8

for fun/filler/gave up [EDIT: on second thought probably was going for a cryptic water fun! category ]
1x captains hat
1x washer drain hose

Thanks for the fun!




I like the categories!


Why don’t I get size 37 Birkenstocks in anything? Is it because I would wear them with socks? Probably because I would wear them with socks, yeah. But what if I wore them with cute socks?
In a previous bag of crap I got a pair of Merrell hiking boots in size 7.5, which meant they’d be fine with thick socks. Then I realized that was men’s size 7.5, not women’s. Such disappointment.


Got my Bandolier of Carrots from the BOC Day sale. Disappointment reigns, just like you promised, Woot.

purple Ravens shirt
3 pairs sport socks
yellow jui jitsu belt
earrings with red socks
Purple-gemmed lanyard with a charm of a team’s initials
Disturbing Woot! shirt-I don’t know the reference and don’t really want to-Yuk!
bag of little sand toys with shapes and letters
selfie clip to make your photos panoramic
mug that says BAD ‘Donkey’ with a pic of a donkey
2 connectors of unknown usage
Large water bottle promising to keep cold 24hrs and hot 12hrs.
Fantastic Beasts movie book
official Woot! Bag O’ Carp tote bag - Cool!
And my favorite…an official WOOT! pen!


Probably the most disappointing thing about this Bag of Crap is the stack of Dixie coffee cups…it was also the funniest :joy: Well done, Woot!