February 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!! 💩

This exchange with my wife.

I think I could feel her eye roll through the phone…


I like your wife.


BEWARE! Reverse effect for calm dogs.


My crap was just delivered. I haven’t even opened it yet and there is a strong SMELL coming from it… Lord help me. :joy:


Literally just got home and plopped down my crap, so here it is:

Paper Woot! bag
Bear shaped lollipop/soap molds
American flag
I Can’t Adult Today canvas sign
Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus book
Bamboo Coasters
Woot! Pen with “Who’s Pen Is This?” rollout
LA Rams tee shirt (Large)
Random USB to 2-pin connector cable
R/C race car

Minus the LA Rams shirt, not a bad haul at all. :]


My BOC arrived. Finally!

The usual truly odd assortment. I’ll have fun finding homes for it all.

Upper left, across, clockwise and center:
Sign - “I CAN’T ADULT Today” - where was this back when I had a job?
Woot! Pen - see above
6" Torpedo Level
Doberman Security Motion Detector Alarm/Chime
6 light bulbs (5 bubble-wrapped under Cat, and 1 opened in front (GE 25W T6.5 BA15d DC Bay Base)
Finding Dory (Destiny)
Grinch shirt Women’s L
“Stinky Sock” bag (definitely for one grandson)
12 Squishy globe balls (place markers for a dinner?)

Cat is NOT happy with the Stinky Sock bag.

I’d appreciate any suggestions for those light bulbs - who, what, where?


Got my 3rd BoC today. By far my smallest box yet. Unfortunately, the wife works tonight, so we will be opening it together on the morrow! Ipad for size reference


The Bag of Crap is here!!!

The disappointment:
a beautiful puffy jacket
? bag
5 ft. drain brush
Clemson Tigers money holder
graduation napkins
bike light
bike socket
random plug
Arizona Cardinals Xmas stocking
safety scissors
fishing lure
and a WOOT pen!!!

Thanks Woot! Total disappointment!!!

[TT: Downsized the image]



The crap has arrived:

  • Paper ? bag
  • 36x32 jeans (ok, my size is 34x32 but maybe they’ll fit with a belt)
  • Kitchen tongs set
  • Animal Jam figure (my daughter who has had Animal Jam memberships immediately swiped this away after the photo was taken)
  • Camping mug
  • 4x Titan can cozys
  • Lycra swim cap
  • Woot pen

3x NAVY T-shirt. Paint cup. Flexible tripod. Pink seat belt cover. Dachshund coasters. Set of j-hooks for cable management. Ezmount camera mount. How to catch and elf book. And now the stuff I will use - pop sockets phone grip (sloth), ice ball molds, woot pen, paper bag.

This was a great bag of crap! Can’t wait til I can buy the next one.



My first crap arrived…
One paper woot ? bag
One woot pen
one camping mug
one pair L.A. socks
One book " Emperor Pickleting Rides the Bus"
oddly shaped workout shirt
Disappointing as expected. Thanks Woot


But what are those round dark red sparkly things in the lower right corner?

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Shower heads

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I don’t see red sparkly things, but I do see a handheld/shower head combo set.

(Can you confirm, @Fenya?)

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Yes is a shower head I forgot to type that out and I forgot to type one level in upper right of photo

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I didn’t have a cat like everybody else, so my daughter loaned me Cutie from her collection of stuffed animals. Cutie was really looking forward to opening my Brick of Consciousness.

I seemed to sense that my 4.8 pound ‘brick’ was loosely themed around Camping and Leisure.

The big win was the (#1) Hydetech Thermal Water Bottle 34 oz (30 bucks - goes to son for baseball season). Following the camping part of the theme was the (#2) 16 oz Outdoor Equipment Camping Mug (4 bucks). For leisure, there were two shirts, a (#3) Port & Company Black Male Small Hang Ten Hand Gesture T-Shirt (price? - will probably go to daughter,) and a (#4) Tri-Mountain Callaway Polo Shirt Youth Size Small (price? - too small for anyone currently in the house. Maybe we can hire a very small caddy?) Once we get past the leisure part, there were some outdoorsy work-type items, a (#5) Sterling Tools 6 inch Torpedo Level ($1) (which I’m going to hang on to until the next time I need a $1 white elephant prize,) and a (#6) Task Tools T23208C Heavy Duty Bi-Metal Demolition Reciprocating Saw Blade for Nailed Wood and Wood, 12-Inch ($12). Moving down the list, we moved into the footware section with a nice pair of brand new (#7) Asics Medium Running Cooling Socks ($10 - goes to wife) and a pair of (#8) Officially Licensed Florida Gator Size Men’s Small Footware (? - fits the daughter, although I don’t think she’ll wear them in public.) Defying classification was the (#9) Safety 1st Side by Side Cabinet Lock (2 pack)($3), the (#10) 32 Dixie Perfect Touch Insulated Cups (which I’m planning to use for potting plants,) a (#11) Woot Pen with Banner (awesome), and a (#12) Paper Woot “?” Bag. Tallying up the prices of what I was able to find online, my $11 bag brought in at least $60 worth of “Consciousness” that I didn’t know that I needed. So disappointing. Thanks, Woot! :slight_smile:


Well, going to call this bag of crap a bag of crap. Really my first one I’d call a real disappointment.

  1. ($2) Micro USB charger (I have apple and USB C, so donate box)
  2. ($6) Stainless steel grinding wheel, 6 inch (4 inch grinder)
  3. ($$) Woot pen (keeper)
  4. ($4) Two 2-card baseball card holders. (OK IF my 1929 Kashin 316 cards can fit in there)
  5. ($6) Universal remote (Not going to replace my Dish remote, donate)
  6. ($20?) Universal power strip (can always use one)
  7. ($13) SF 49ers Santa Ornament (close, a Chargers fan)
  8. ($12) Texas A&M golf tees (will use any on the course)
  9. ($9) 12 pack of treat boxes (may be useful for a kids birthday party)
  10. ($30) Springfield XD gun holster ('Merica! Actually looking at this gun in 9mm)
  11. ($9) 3 wide ruled composition books (guess I need to log some lab data)
  12. ($18? lol) 9 2-pocket portfolios (imagine the book report possibilities!)
  13. ($$) Woot paper bag (good for compiling the donations)
  14. ($30) UnderArmour long sleeve heat gear t-shirt (Holy WOOT!!! It’s actually MY size!!)

TOTAL = +/- $159. I think $10 was fair though. :slight_smile:

So, 1 decent item, and a lot of meh this time. But, the shirt is worth more than the BOC, so I guess it worked out? I wasn’t in the market for a long sleeve shirt, so, there you go. I’ll get my revenge on the next one.

PS: Haven’t had a cat in 10 years, sorry I missed out on the gratuitous cat photo bomb.

Updated 3/6 @ 12 EST with prices.


Thank you! I got tambourines in my head, and couldn’t see what they really were.

Does the jacket fit anyone? I once got a puffy jacket that fit me in a BOC. It was olive drab, which looks awful on most people, but I’m a redhead, so it looks ok.