February 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!! 💩

Received this afternoon, shared promptly. No windfalls here, just mostly decent stuff:

  • Kitchen tongs
  • Kinetic Foam in 3 bright colors
  • Apple iPad cover (damaged)
  • Child’s Monster High costume
  • Pullover hoodie with embroidered LA Rams logo
  • Coaster set, NIP
  • Two pairs child’s scissors
  • Woot pen
  • Obligatory Woot bag

As I said, not a windfall, but I can use the hoodie (first time ever I received a piece of clothing that actually fits me!), tongs and even though they’re kids scissors, I’ll use them. The foam I’ll gift to my nephew. No idea what’s up with the rut of Halloween costumes! I’ve received one in every box for the past couple years. I’ll keep it up for a while and eventually open a Halloween superstore. :wink:

So overall, I definitely got my value back. Not displeased. :blush:


Crap arrived!

Very little disappointment, am keeping most of it, so you lose Woot!

TWO Woot Pens
Woot shopping bag
Parade of elephants wall border
Hello Kitty dress up costume
Jolee’s Boutique Beach Ball Sunglasses Dimentional Scrapbook Stickers
USB charging brick
“Love is in the Air” t-shirt
sparkly cat collar
Personal Watchdog Motion Detector Alarm
1.25 reader glasses
drawer knob
bingo chips
hand warmers
strainer drain
and last and least
A kids book called “Santa Claus is on his way to Texas” haha…ok Woot, you got me here. How am I going to give this away in Beaver Utah?

Thanks for the fun!


Woot! ? Bag x1
Woot! Pen x1
Xuron Micro-Shear Flush Cutter x1
Seatbelt Shoulder Pad x1
Scotch Duct Tape x1
Joby GorillaPod Hybrid x1
HANDy Paint Cup x1
NFL Atlanta Falcons Decorative Ribbon (4 Rolls) x1
Vibe 5in1 Remote x1
Baseball Wallet x1
Baseball ID Holder x1
BioBubble Deco Cubes Fish Tank x1
How to Catch an Elf Book x2
Generic 8Gb blue Doctor Shape Cartoon USB Flash Drive x1


So my BOC tracking is still showing as “label created”. @ThunderThighs did all of the BOCs from last week ship from the warehouse yet or is mine in one of the last to leave? I know it’s only been 1 week since the label was printed but I’ve been spoiled the last couple of BOCs with pretty quick shipping. :slight_smile:

Here’s my high quality BOC.

Not pictured : pop socket with letter of our last name, woot :poop: emoji stress ball, and a thermal water bottle. (Wife claimed upon arrival :joy:)

Overall a decent BOC! Great crappy job woot!


It finally arrived!!! here’s what was inside

-Chompers 5" lurers $6.99
-DogHelios Dog Coat $41.68
-Precision Screwdriver Set $0.89; yes, 89 cents, and they look like they’re worth every bit of it but not a penny more
-Black knit headband, unlabeled just a “G” on the tag, est. $5
-Woot! Pen “Whose Pen is This” & “Made You Look” on the banner, priceless
-“Best for Birds” bird feeder couldn’t find exact model, est. $15
-Obligatory ? bag - priceless
-“Carol” pop-socket $15
-Travelocity Micro USB car charger, price varies by source, est. $10
-8 sets of 12 Cincinnati Bengals NFL cards, est. $5 each $40

Total crapworth $134.56 + tax of utter disappointment, Woot! truly delivered as promised today, I couldn’t be (un)happier!


If you use Zip ties for anything, be sure and use this pair of Flush Cutters to trim it. The cut is clean and flush so there is no “meat hook” left behind to snag an unsuspecting hand :slight_smile:


I cannot believe that I was able to get my hands on a bag of crap! The excitement I felt waiting for the bag to be added to my shopping cart was like nothing I’d ever experienced before! Waiting for the bag to arrive was like being a child waiting for Christmas. When the bag finally arrived it was exactly what was promised, complete crap. However it was the most exciting crap I’ve ever received and I would be thrilled beyond belief to do it all over again and get more crap!
To start it off the first thing I saw in the box was a spiral notebook of white lined paper. Then an LSU car decal. Then a blue lives matter pop up cell phone holder. Next up a knife sleeve. Then a womans Detroit Lions t-shirt (this one would fit me, however I’m in Vancouver, WA and the furthest thing from a Lions fan). A surprisingly detailed “winter elements” t-shirt that I find very bizarre. The nicest item of crap was a good quality yoga mat bag (but seeing as I don’t own a yoga mat still qualifies as crap). Now for the crem dela crem of crap… two Motorola VGA travel adapters, that’s right two of them! They even came in plastic bags that specify Non-Retail Packaging. They’ve got some weird older double connection for some ancient Motorola phone. The crappiness was truly overwhelming on this one!
So am I disappointed in my bag of crap? Absolutely not! I want more crap and I want it now!
Why must I wait for more crap?!?!?


“Shipment Ready for UPS” is what tracking says. Hopefully it’s really big and woot is having trouble finding a pony to tow it.


I bet they had to get logistics involved: a crane to pick it, oversized load to haul it, special clearances for power lines, etc.

Edit: This?


UPS just let me know my BoC has arrived! I will share pics and the obligatory cat shot once I get home and can open it with the other half…the disappointment bar has been set, but I’m still excited!


There needs to be a BOC trading post. I’m actually interested in and jealous of some of your crap!

Thou shall not covet thy neighbors BOC.


Yeah, looks like it didn’t want to leave the building. Contact Customer Service and they’ll help you out.

Therapy group meets on Fridays.

Looks like another one afraid to leave the building. Contact Woot CS for assistance.


I will post my crap soon, just got back from NOLA, spent a week there for Mardi Gras, my poor little head hurts.


Time and location?


Hopefully your big head hurts too. Don’t want to get them out of sync.


Looks like the reverse flash phasing. That is all.


My very first ever Bag o Crap arrived today from the 2/26 Woot-Off, and there’s a crap in my crap!

Full contents:

  1. A crappy paper bag
  2. A Woot stress crap
  3. A plain dark gray Gildan hoodie, size large
  4. A 12-count container of bungee cords of various lengths
  5. A Dragonn (yes, with two N’s) pizza cutter
  6. A fantastic cupcake Playdoh set
  7. An L.A. Lakers woven blanket
  8. A leather bi-fold Tampa Bay Rays wallet - joke’s on you, I’m in Tampa Bay and I love the Rays!

I’m most disappointed that I got a squishy crap instead of a screaming monkey, but it’s somewhat tapered by Playdoh cupcakes and this sweet Rays wallet.

9/10, will Crap again (hopefully).


It’s not the best photo, but I got a 3xl men’s aviator coat in maroon, a piece of artwork that reads “I CAN’T ADULT TODAY,” a children’s costume, a Cowgirls in the Kitchen cookbook, a Woot bag, a Woot pen, a brush to clean my nonexistent pistol, some fishing hooks and a level. I’m in New York where there are a lot of homeless people sleeping on the streets in the cold, so I think I’m going to give the coat to one of them. Thanks, Woot!


My Brisket Of Chocolate arrived!!!

First, lets start with this wonderful picture ready-to-hang.
Chevy and Jetta were so eager to show it off!

Here, Jetta shows her favorite cookbook, with many meaty recipes inside!

And Jetta again, showing the toothbrushes she hopes are never used on her:

Some misc stuff, 2 pair of readers I’ll use, a level, stickers, SF Giants necklace, 2 odd parts:

Once again, Chevy & Jetta are here to eagerly show off a Kinetic Moldable toy thing:

A Woot Pen and a blue Woot shopping bag! WOO HOO! My wife stole my last Woot pen!!

And… saving the BEST for LAST…
A Fairy Princess outfit that Jetta could show off to everybody! She is a true Princess!!!

Thank You Woot and everybody involved. :+1: