February 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!! 💩

Yeah, looks like it didn’t want to leave the building. Contact Customer Service and they’ll help you out.

Therapy group meets on Fridays.

Looks like another one afraid to leave the building. Contact Woot CS for assistance.


I will post my crap soon, just got back from NOLA, spent a week there for Mardi Gras, my poor little head hurts.


Time and location?


Hopefully your big head hurts too. Don’t want to get them out of sync.


Looks like the reverse flash phasing. That is all.


My very first ever Bag o Crap arrived today from the 2/26 Woot-Off, and there’s a crap in my crap!

Full contents:

  1. A crappy paper bag
  2. A Woot stress crap
  3. A plain dark gray Gildan hoodie, size large
  4. A 12-count container of bungee cords of various lengths
  5. A Dragonn (yes, with two N’s) pizza cutter
  6. A fantastic cupcake Playdoh set
  7. An L.A. Lakers woven blanket
  8. A leather bi-fold Tampa Bay Rays wallet - joke’s on you, I’m in Tampa Bay and I love the Rays!

I’m most disappointed that I got a squishy crap instead of a screaming monkey, but it’s somewhat tapered by Playdoh cupcakes and this sweet Rays wallet.

9/10, will Crap again (hopefully).


It’s not the best photo, but I got a 3xl men’s aviator coat in maroon, a piece of artwork that reads “I CAN’T ADULT TODAY,” a children’s costume, a Cowgirls in the Kitchen cookbook, a Woot bag, a Woot pen, a brush to clean my nonexistent pistol, some fishing hooks and a level. I’m in New York where there are a lot of homeless people sleeping on the streets in the cold, so I think I’m going to give the coat to one of them. Thanks, Woot!


My Brisket Of Chocolate arrived!!!

First, lets start with this wonderful picture ready-to-hang.
Chevy and Jetta were so eager to show it off!

Here, Jetta shows her favorite cookbook, with many meaty recipes inside!

And Jetta again, showing the toothbrushes she hopes are never used on her:

Some misc stuff, 2 pair of readers I’ll use, a level, stickers, SF Giants necklace, 2 odd parts:

Once again, Chevy & Jetta are here to eagerly show off a Kinetic Moldable toy thing:

A Woot Pen and a blue Woot shopping bag! WOO HOO! My wife stole my last Woot pen!!

And… saving the BEST for LAST…
A Fairy Princess outfit that Jetta could show off to everybody! She is a true Princess!!!

Thank You Woot and everybody involved. :+1:



Didn’t the Kinetic foam stuff used to be called Floam?


That sounds familiar… Maybe so.


Woot BoC - utterly disappointing

1 large NY Giants jacket
1 medium W? Golf shirt
1 XL MC Hammer sweat pants
1 woot pen (my fav)
1 paper BoC
1 Yoda Oragami book
Many disposable coffee cups (my second fav)
3 kitchen tongs (other half’s fav)
1 inflatable mummy for the yard (no dear, you aren’t putting it outside!)
People = mildly disappointed
Cats = thrilled!
image|374x500 image|375x500


Let us gather to bask in the abject disappointment of my Woot box! I received:

  1. Woot Pen that reads “Whose Pen Is This” and “Made You Look!”
  2. Woot Green Bag
  3. Purple Queen Poop Plush Emoji Tablet Holder/Backpack/Travel Pillow
  4. JETech Screen Protector
  5. Wide Mouth Plastic Bottle
  6. Pro Guard Crystal Glass for the iPhone 5S
  7. Filters for Roomba Vacuum Cleaners
  8. Bunny T-shirt
  9. Key-chain Tape Measure
  10. Phone case
  11. Glass vase/candle holder
  12. Screaming Monkey
  13. Two gumpaste molds for cake decorating
  14. A bouncy ball

I loved getting the box of crap. Thank you, Woot!


I forgot … one teeny tiny speedo for my 4 year old niece or Lucy the cat…


Turn off the lights. :slight_smile:

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My latest crap was dumped on my front porch this afternoon. Let’s see what the crap fairy has brought this time.

  • Mr. Beams, MB982 2 pack, LED Ceiling light in white
  • QCY Yue QY8 bluetooth headphones, white
  • LA Rams T-shirt, Large
  • Stretched canvas frame, 9x12, I CAN’T ADULT today
  • School Zone Big Mazes and More book
  • CybrTrayd chocolate/soap mold of bears on a stick (For when you need lollipop shaped bear soap?)
  • Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus, an origami yoda book, by Tom Angleberger
  • Anniversary card for wife, in spanish
  • RoseArt Washable sidewalk chalk paint, 10 refill packs
  • 2x KT Tape in stealth beige (Though, to be honest, it’s more of a Tan Mom orange)
  • Sterling Tools 6" Torpedo Level
  • ? paper bag
  • Woot! pen

Good mix of usable, gift-able and donate-able items. Thanks Woot!


I love that you are giving your super large jacket to someone in need on the streets! Large enough to maybe fit two people!

Kudos to you Breezy. :clap::+1:


Pack of paper cups
Strange Halloween shirt
Safety scissors
Dog coat
Kforce dart pack
Kitchen tongs
Emergency thermal blanket
Water bottle
Woot! Pen


I can’t seem to get the add picture function to work on my phone, which is a shame cause I took some cut pics of my dog being disappointed by my crap…

Anyway, I got a dual showerhead, a poo stress ball, a beer pong set, a drinking glass that is trying to be funny but failed, a ? paper bag, pink and black nerf football, hippo doorstop, and a 10 pack of hand warmers.

Oh and the box itself smelled like someone sprayed it with a strong perfume, which made me worry something inside spilled, but it was just the box. 🤷