February 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!! 💩

Pack of paper cups
Strange Halloween shirt
Safety scissors
Dog coat
Kforce dart pack
Kitchen tongs
Emergency thermal blanket
Water bottle
Woot! Pen


I can’t seem to get the add picture function to work on my phone, which is a shame cause I took some cut pics of my dog being disappointed by my crap…

Anyway, I got a dual showerhead, a poo stress ball, a beer pong set, a drinking glass that is trying to be funny but failed, a ? paper bag, pink and black nerf football, hippo doorstop, and a 10 pack of hand warmers.

Oh and the box itself smelled like someone sprayed it with a strong perfume, which made me worry something inside spilled, but it was just the box. 🤷


My BOC arrived!


How to Catch an Elf book (little one claimed)
? Bag (going into bag stash)
Precision Screwdrivers set (going into tool chest)
wall paper sample (going into craft bin)
NHL bean bags (little one claimed)
maroon socks (going into sock drawer)
popsocket (little one claimed)
ice ball molds (going into freezer)
Woot pen (little one claimed)
bag of plastic utensils (going into kitchen)

Thanks Woot! Thanks TT!


It is rare to see a clean sweep like yours - everything useful for you!


As always, thanks for the chance at disappointment, Woot!

My daughter was by far the most excited for these items as she found several things that she wants as soon as I get the picture done for this post.

We are a Michigan State family, so the hooded sweatshirt was repping a school in our state, but it’s the wrong one. My son immediately suggested we burn it. I figure we’ll just give it to friends or family that support that school.

Bag o’ Crap s0ks0dkss

Shipping info:
Est. Del.: 03/02
Weight: 3.7 lbs

0 x texas air
1 x question mark bag
1 x woot poop emoji squishy
1 x tongs
1 x small pink football
1 x leviton 2-pole 3-wire grounding flanged inlet
1 x sd padres cardholder
1 x play-doh cupcake tower
1 x brown hoodie (s)
1 x michigan hooded sweatshirt (m)
1 x seattle seahawks bowling shirt (l)


I think that’s a Zombie. Would that make a difference?

Yeah, they forgot that part during development - asking for permission to access your photos. Hope to have it later this year. :cry:


Everybody remember to get your official Crappraisal Rating for the BOC you receive!

It ain’t official until it’s rated!!



Go HAWKS! Wear it with pride everywhere you go!!

Congrats, frosty!

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I thought you might like that! Thanks to Fortnite skins, my son is now a pseudo Seahawks fan. He liked the colors (can’t blame him… they are some of the best in the league).


Nope I’m putting it in the yard either way👍


Need a picture!


Nah Floam is an entirely different substance that smelled like death. Thanks for that memory. Go watch the commerical and be nostalgic.

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Whoa! That wasn’t even really CRAP! I got a robot in my BOC!

Here’s what I got:
MIP robot
NHL sweater, size S
NHL tshirt, size women’s XL
Kids’ Giants belt
North Texas license plate
Three pop sockets
Camping mug
Torpedo level
Lifting glove
Yoga mat strap
Woot ? bag
Woot pen

And here’s how it looks (sorry for the poor quality of the photo):

Thank you, thank you, Woot! My faith is unshakable!


Whoa! We need to go back to the Disappointment Blackboard!


If she doesn’t get rid of it before I get a chance next Halloween

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You should blow it up and put it on your side of the bed under the covers when you get out of bed. And video.

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Haha well… I would but I would like to stay in the relationship. Also living is important thing for me in life.


My [then] husband had a friend that would use can hams as his friends when his wife was out of town. He’d send her pictures of him doing things with can hams - dinner, shopping, etc.

Could be fun!