February 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!! 💩

Yes, this is their maiden voyage.


Okay. Thanks.


You can’t go wrong with stickers.


Time to build a stable for the growing herd.


  • x1 Woot Grocery Bag
  • x1 Woot Poo
  • x1 Legrand 15A, 125VAC Brown Commercial Grade receptacle (always useful)
  • x2 Motorola VGA Adapter Black
  • x1 Apple iPhone 6 case - orange (why do I still have this phone)
  • x1 Selfie Wide Angle Lens Clip
  • x1 Maxon’s Wallet Pocket Tool (YAS!!, love tools)
  • x1 Fitbit cover
  • x1 - package 20 ct party napkins
  • x1 1st Christmas 2018 TShirt - BLK, Female, small
  • x1 DIY Neon Light Kit - Pink
  • x1 Cutequeen Red 31mm pack of 8 Dome LED lights
  • x1 iPad 4 Origami Case (missing iPad)
  • x1 Into The Labyrinth VR Viewmaster Puzzle

Lotsa fun to be had in this BoC!
The amount of joy I get when opening a $10 box of unknown stuff brings me priceless health benefits!

My newest addition to the family is Maggie. She was rescued early in Nov. She is a cuddle bug and gives lotsa love.

Thanks TT, and WootStaff!

Closeup photos:
Look at those eyes! -----↓


I’m not sure how I’d react if I found that dog sitting on me (and staring at me) in the middle of the night.

I suppose my first question would be:
"Why is @wootevil’s dog in my house?!?



Thanks TT, WOOT CS took care of me! another crap coming my way…


This is what caught my eye.



Seems to be a football team from the East Coast / Midwest theme! lol
Dog Jacket-Tenn

Then non sports related items:
Rip-Spin Warriors battlefield
Some sort of resit dies
A screwdriver set. Somehow one of these is bent on the inside of the package inside of the case
How to catch an elf book
A seemingly nice pair of bluetooth headphones
a 5-1 remote control
woot bag
4 pounds of liquid disappointment


she actually sat there on her own. I was taking the pics and she came into the room and sat down next to the items I was leaning against the bed. so sweet.


She is absolutely adorable.

Also, I got one of those neon light boards. I’m still working on mine because making a lower case f on that thing is stupid hard.


TY, for the kind words. :smiley:

My NEON was missing pegs, so I took the whole thing apart. The circuit is small so I’m gonna re-purpose it for something else. Maybe attach it to a drone to give it a tail. Now I need to get a drone.



  • VR game/book
  • Woot Bag
  • Shirt.Woot Bag (mib kids small shirt in it according to the sticker)
  • LED Candles
  • Poo
  • Selfie Lens Clip
  • Hot Pink Leatherish Camera Cover
  • Capped Bottle
  • Emoji Ball
  • iPod Case
  • XS Therapeutic Dog Cover
  • Gumpaste Mat (???)
  • Various Cables/Adapters


hehe…mean me

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I am noticing a serious lack of woot shirts this round!

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I got my crap box a few days back. This is my third.

What a sweet haul! I should have just thrown the $9.99 in the trash.

The day it arrived I found my Woot monkey all over the box trying to tear it open.

Here’s the treasure:

  1. Woot Employee Uniform
    I’m not sure how this ever got out of the building as employee uniforms are tightly controlled by Woot.

  1. Joker Thermal mug
    This might actually get some use. I can bring it to work, where we have banned paper cups. Any time a visitor is in the building we have to scramble to find a cup to offer a coffee.

  1. Colorado coasters
    As set of the ugliest coasters I have ever seen. I heard the Nevada bureau of tourism put these out as a prank on Colorado.

  1. Woot pen
    Worth at least 99¢.

  2. Bicycle lights
    All I need now is a bicycle.

  3. Crazy bat lady popsocket
    Nice. Something for the woman in my life. The gift with a message.

  1. Travelocity car charger
    The box is marked 2013. Thanks. No specs.

  2. BricTek Space Team x2
    Obviously, being liquidated by court order as it infringes both LEGO® and Star Wars™ trademarks. I’ll probably be in trouble for receiving counterfeit goods.

  3. Woot bag
    Worth 10¢.

Am I disappointed? What’s that saying?

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on Woot.

But the entertainment was priceless!


Congrats! Don’t forget… the woot-pen has a roll-out banner. That makes it priceless!


hahaha…I have to agree

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I am hoping I am not “lucky” enough to get a 3rd! lol

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