February Birthstone: Amethyst

At least a couple of these pieces state they are made with created amethyst. Does that mean that unless otherwise stated, all other pieces are made with natural cut amethyst gems? Such as the 12ct cushion cut amethyst ring?


That is correct. Any amethyst stones that are created will be noted in the features.


Are these stones natural amethyst? Or are they colored/dyed stones? Typically merchants state this information in their sales offer. But woot does not.

As mentioned above, if synthetic we will note that, otherwise assume they are natural amethyst.

Can you share the dimensions of the main stone on the 10 ct. emerald-cut split-shank ring? I want to make sure “huge. . .with enormous stone” isn’t too big for my fiance’s size 5.5 finger.

Also, what is the return policy on these purchases?



Size is 14mm x 10mm.