Fedex Ground Delivery

I have ordered wines second time via woot, but I will never order again as long as you have Fedex ground delivery service. Fedex never rings a bell or calls you on phone, so there is no way you may know when they are at your door for signature. Package is delayed at least for several days, as you cannot even change the delivery option until they do 3 attempts. It is a nightmare!!

There are a couple things you can do:

Have it delivered to your work.

Have it delivered to a FedEx store near you (that’s what most of us do).

Create an account on FedEx so they notify you of delivery. You can also reroute the item once it’s started moving.

Whenever I see any order being delivered by fed ex I cringe for all the reasons you mentioned. They do not bother to ring doorbell, they just leave a sticker. Items are often damaged. I called and complained and the service has gotten better. Also have amazon or whoever you ordered thru know you’re having trouble and let them call. UPS wins over fed ex every time!