Fedex lost my package?

I ordered a perfect pushup off of either woot or sellout.woot back at the end of august, it shipped from a place 6-8 hours away and should have been here in a reasonable amount of time, it was in-transit since 9-1 after leaving Dallas. I contacted Fedex and they said that they have no idea where it is, and that I’d have to contact Woot to get it replaced.

Is there anything I can do? I doubt woot would replace it even if there was a way I could contact them, because they probably don’t have it anymore, and they shouldn’t have to anyways.

I always have issues getting things from Fedex, I wish we could choose the shipper when buying.

EDIT Sorry, just realized I posted this in the ‘everything but woot’ section.

Sorry you didn’t get your order. It looks like you have already emailed into and we refunded your order. Shoot us another email if you need anymore help.