FedEx Order?

I recently purchased the shirt “Minor Modifications” on April 15, and I’ve been checking the tracking page on it and it has been saying:


Initiated Picked up In transit Delivered
Shipment information sent to FedEx
Please check back later for shipment status or subscribe for e-mail notifications

Anticipated ship date Apr 15, 2011

It’s April 22, and I’m wondering why it hasn’t updated, because I purchased “The Cheese Is A Liedekranz” and it already says it’s in transit.

Anyone have some advice on what I should do?

You can check with woot ( to see if the shirt has left the warehouse. However, in my experience, it’s not uncommon for purchases to pass each other in shipping and have the later product arrive first while the other sits at a transfer station. I’ve also seen many products miss scans with FedEx.

Still initiating a search would be fine to do.

Sorry for not being a lot of help.

Well, problem solved the shirts are now on schedule.