Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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i dunno but i dont really understand this as a costume…

Grats on the print, Travis!! :slight_smile:

Haha… pretty good!

tgentry well done again… not for me though.

and now we know why they are out of this color shirt :wink:
grats on the print travis.

No thanks. Good to have another 10 bucks in my wallet.

I’d like it if you just print off yesterday’s shirt again.

awesome shirt!

I’ve spent my t-shirt allowance already though… damn!

Haha if I wore this shirt that guy would be scaling up my boob! that would get me some looks!

Amazing writeup tonight, from the pixies reference to the dig at the Coconut dullard contingency to the “this shirt tells the world”

Also, thank god the only worthwhile shirt of the final fog got printed.

Not really feelin’ it… Got’s a lot a SPLAININ’ to do with this one… Climbin’ on da Giant! I’m a 2X.

I really like this shirt, but I think that Jack would be climbing right where one of my chests are. It might me a more interesting visual than I might want.

Another Christmas present done. Love this shirt.Good thing a guy will be wearing this. :slight_smile:

I’m feelin’ that kbug


I like the idea, but it seems tricky in execution for women and larger shirt sizes.

I want my kangaroo shirt, darn it.

very cool! I like trompe l’oeil! MORE TROMPE L’OEIL!!

cute shirt, but not for me. congrats.

nice… real nice… but I already bought so many shirt.woots in october

like 7!