Feedback appreciated! More to come later.

Check out the woot formatting guide here. I tried pasting the section related to images but due to my ineptness with coding it left out the important parts.

I did cut and paste a couple of your links and took a look, but if you want general feedback, it’s probably best to pick a couple and post the image here. Or just go ahead and enter the next derby.

So what do you think? I’ve tweaked a few already but the designs are basically the same. I gave up on the dragon & biblo ones tho. Threadless people told me to post a link to my pics. Haha.

imma prolly not the best person to ask. if you want to win the woot shirt derby or get printed as a daily, it prolly helps to have a pop culture connexion like dr who or dragons or hitchhiker’s gttg. but mine own predilections don’t run thusly.

otherwise, they look ok but (steel yourself) nothing really “pops” to my eye. i’d also try to avoid the flat boxy background of a couple of them.

Hey leslieh01, from a color separator’s point of view, I think you are definitely on the right track with all of these. I’ve posted several times that I think a t-shirt design needs to be straight forward enough to be seen in half a second. I mean, who wants to stare at someone’s chest for 20 minutes trying to figure out what the message is? I agree with No1, you should avoid large rectangles. They tend to get distorted during the load/unload process. It’s a good practice to use as much of the shirt color in your design as possible- especially on dark garments.

THANK YOU!! I appreciate your complements and advice! I may post more designs later to see what y’all think. I have 3 designs in the current Derby… Battlestar Galactica themed. Not my best stuff but simple and to the point. I’m practicing Illustrator everyday, looked at videos and instruction tuts. Really just need someone to show me stuff in person. But I do what I can.