feel good animal shelters piss me off


caught an ad in the local press about a Siberian Husky looking for rescue. I figured - what the hell - and drove to PAWS in Tinley Park with Spirit to see if I was going to get a second dog. On the way there, I saw to my amazement a dog that looked exactly like spirit - only thirty pounds heavier. I pulled over and stopped to talk to the owner Turns out down the street a family owns a Alaskan Malamute that’s one and a half years old. My Mom keeps telling me Spirit is big, but Damn… She’d be terrified by that dog.

The dog was exactly like Spirit in nature too, so it seems Spirit’s play network will be extending again.

Anyway - I made it to Tinley and they had me fill out a form. I answered all the questions, then they asked me if I had Spirit Surgically altered.

I asked why, she gave me the same bullshit about not placing surgically altered dogs that needed rescue with non surgically altered dogs.

I blew up. I said “Well then, I guess my only alternative is to drive over to “happiness is Pets” and get a puppy that’s not surgically altered.” She said “No, don’t do that - get your dog neutered.” I said “in two years I will. But I want another dog now”.

After going back and forth, she didn’t want me to buy from a “puppy farm” but from a breeder if I wasn’t going to neuter spirit.

You see kennels and “Save Spots” begging all the time for money, and crying about all the dogs that are put down because there’s no space, and “responsible ownership” (meaning that a spay or neuter is the only definition of responsible ownership) would rather NOT give you the dog to “punish you” because that will convince everyone to surgically alter their dogs right then and there…

So I ask you. From the Kennels point of view - If I want a second dog to be around Spirit, what would be better? Rescuing a spayed bitch from an overloaded Rescue Kennel to give another spot to another dog that needs rescue - knowing that the spayed bitch could not be bred to make more puppies?


Telling me no, so that I go to a puppy farm to buy an un-spayed bitch that will eventually have puppies?

Spirit will be having the neuter surgery when he’s five. By that time, he’ll be mature, and won’t be needing nature to help him develop. Anyone who thinks that’s wrong - look up “Castrato” and argue your point from how castrations don’t change little boys.

I understand the intent behind the rule, but the rule changes more than it fixes. I WILL be going to a pet seller and buying an unspayed bitch. I would not be if I could of rescued a sibe today.

Anyway - On the way home I took him to a friends house, who wanted Spirit to mark all of his yard to chase off raccoons. Which was funny, cause when Spirit marked his backyard with something other than pee - he got all bent out of shape


Of course you’re right. Send the hamsters in to rescue the sibe.


Send Splinter. He met his first dog today. It went well. Besides he needs the exercise. He is a very fat rat.


Send a friend over to adopt her and lie about it all.
It’s not as if you are an abusive owner, and nothing wrong with letting them have a litter as long as you know what you are in for.


Both my brother and the friend I mentioned would do that for me. - But why should I lie?

I have 6 people lined up for a pup from Spirit if I ever bred him.

That’s neither here nor there, it baffles me why a rescue shelter would refuse to place a gelded male or a spayed bitch with an intact dog. It’s counter-intuitive. Telling an intact owner to f-off raises the amounts of puppies being born.

Dumb. On all levels.


agree, and you are right. But don’t buck the system.
If you want this dog, get someone to lie and get her, then breed them and give the puppies to good owners.
Don’t try to figure out why the system does its thing, heh.

Edit: Ooops, she was spayed.
Sorry, my bad.


Sorry to disagree with just about everything here but…

there is no reason to delay neutering a pet…I don’t care what you have read…we can show each other statistics all day supporting either side…but if you don’t want to have your pet castrated, you will believe your statistics. I have worked in animal welfare/veterinary medicine for over 20 years and have yet to see the ‘benefit’ to not altering a male at 6 months - or earlier. By delaying altering you are predisposing your animal to many health risks, including prostate issues and several types of cancers, among other things. Comparing dog castrations to human castrations is ludicrous - if you attempt to account for age factors, dogs being altered at 5-6 months are being altered at or near sexual maturity. Castratos were done well before sexual maturity. As a behavior consultant I see many more issues developing with intact male dogs…issues that most probably could have been avoided by having the dog castrated at 6 months.

As for your issues with rescue - yes, fairly narrow-minded- we would have probably placed a spayed bitch with you. Some organizations refuse, and that is their right. As for the suggestion to have someone lie and adopt the dog for you - what can I say. And as for having ‘just one litter’ - well, why do you think there are so many rescue organizations out there? From those ‘just one litter’ folks. Say dog whelps 8 puppies…you gonna find good, forever homes for them? And what if they get used for ‘just one litter’? I know - its everyones right to experience the miracle of birth - well, how about the miracle of death when animal shelter employees have to euthanize litter after litter?

I’m sorry if folks dont like what I have to say here, but spend a day at a shelter - it will open your eyes. I spent 9 years running one. Try looking into a puppy’s eyes as you inject euthanasia solution into his vein - telling him you’re sorry. Or at the vet - telling the owner that their 5 yr old intact male dog has cancer - and if that he would have been neutered, he probably wouldn’t have gotten it. Or doing cpr on a young intact male dog that had run off looking for a girlfriend - and got hit by an truck.

I’m not saying neutering cures all ills…there will still be ignorant pet owners who allow bad things to happen to their pets. But in my eyes, there is absolutely no reason to keep an intact animal, male or female, as a pet…the pros of altering outweigh the cons two-fold or better.


Lynnie, don’t apologize.
All of my pets are spayed, even poor Kitty who was pregnant when I adopted her.
I totally agree with the spay/neuter philosophy…

Far far too many unwanted animals…I could cry just thinking about them. All I can do is love my pets and make sure they don’t have unwanted babies.


Other than perhaps - Letting the pet develop as it should, rather than removing part of the process.

Which is why I said 5 yars.

“As a behavior consultant I see many more issues developing with intact male dogs…” Which, my guess, would support the fact that gelding changes the disposition.

So, the best and ONLY answer to stop this problem is to DENY me a SPAYED bitch, because Owners such as myself simply WON’t go to a puppy farm and buy an UNSPAYED bitch?

So, the best and ONLY answer to stop this problem is to DENY me a SPAYED bitch, because Owners such as myself simply WON’t go to a puppy farm and buy an UNSPAYED bitch?

Yeah, nothing like rubbing salt in the wound huh? Do you folks call all the intact owners and tell them they made a great choice if they don’t get testicular cancer? Have you had a dog die from being Anesthetized? If a dog dies from the anesthesia - did you tell the owner "Wow, you were pretty stupid to get that “insert surgical procedure” done?

Yeah, which is why my Dog is always fenced or leashed. It’s called responsible ownership.

Which is why we are all entitled to our opinions. Now can we get back to the point?

The best and ONLY answer to stop this problem is to DENY me a SPAYED bitch, because Owners such as myself simply WON’t go to a puppy farm and buy an UNSPAYED bitch? Honestly, from a point of view of not wanting more puppies - wouldn’t it be better to go ahead and reverse that?


There is this awesome bakery near me that makes good (expensive) bread and out-of-this-world sweets. They had a stack of chocolate cupcakes, cream-filled, that had brown icing with a thin white line of icing across the top. Not a straight line, but a curly line. Kinda reminded me of another company’s signature baked good. The local one is probably 1000x better.


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Oh. Good idea.

How 'bout them cupcakes?


I may have to go get some soon to try out. I had the ultimate chocolate chunk cookies they make. I think they put a stick of butter in each one.




My back yard is full of chunky chocolate (looking things)

Bon apetit!


I have a friend whose Lab ate Christmas tree ornaments. In December, in the moonlight, the yard sparkled.


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My in laws dog (my best dog friend, born on my wedding day, treated hubby and me like we owned him. I think he thought we were just owners who didn’t live in his house) died in pursuit of sex.
Hit by a car running across a busy street to get to a yard where there was a bitch in heat.

Father in law didn’t believe in fences. Wouldn’t get one when the kids were little (8 kids, there was always a toddler). Sure as heck would get one for the dog.
Mom in law was afraid of him. Said he watched her and was evil.

Not the same situation as DM. DM has a fence. Spirit listens to him if he is ever off the lead. But it does happen.


Was m-i-l afraid of the dog or her husband?


I would never spade my bitch . . .