Feel the Power (Tools)

Can’t find any reviews on this. Found it previously at Sears for $12.99, Groupon for $19 free shipping, and a handful of other sites for the same price/less.

Not a bad price…however, I switched to a 4 cycle trimmer 2 years ago and love not having to use a gas/oil mix. It’s also a bit more powerful.

As of this year, I no longer have any fuel-oil mix power tools in my garage, so one less can of fuel and one less thing to have to bother with.

Regarding the Black Max pressure washer…you can get this here reconditioned (i.e. hey, this thing don’t work, but now it does) or you can go to Sam’s and get it for $299 (+$30 for a product that you can return when it breaks).

Doesn’t sound like that great of a deal to me. It does have much better reviews than the Simpson model for sale in the Feel the Power (Tools) segment.

I used 4 cycle for blower and trimmer and they were terrible…ran way to lean and are heavier…go with the two stroke. I have this model and it has worked great. I like the trigger throttle control.

Hmm… How can I powerwash my 2 story house with one of these?

Home Depot have it for 69.97

Just bought the Black Max BM80919 2700 PSI Power Washer

My measly little 1650 electric washer has lots of years and abuse on it. Time to let it have a more restful life.

'twas a sad day last year when my power washer seized. Time to move on and find someone new. House grime, say he-lo to my lee-tle friend.

Woot has missed the mark on these items, all can be had cheaper else where! No Deals Here!

Trimmer has poor reviews at homedepot:

Links please.

Refurb trimmer sells for $80 shipped on NewEgg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA02D05R9795

But you better read those Home Depot reviews before you buy… apparently this thing sucks NEW.

^ woot sells it for $60 before tax and shipping. Woot’s price is still cheaper.

Could this buffer be used for wood floors?

My ancient gas-powered leaf blower has finally succumbed to the evil demon ethanol they put in our gasoline (fuel lines crumbled), so I’ve been considering getting a new one. I read a review in PopSci not too long ago on a wide variety of blowers, I oughta dig that one up. Based solely on the reviews at Amazon, this blower/vacuum is great, until it dies, which could be months or years after you buy it… I expect a piece of lawn equipment to last a decade or more, given how gently I use them, keep them clean and stored in the relatively warm garage with stabilized and ethanol-free “50-fuel”. (My old blower was used, the previous owner surely just used pump gas). As tempting as this one is, I think I’ll have to pass… I think… still tempted here.

Pulan Leaf blower received sub-par reviews on Lowes website.

Having had experience with Poulan “Pro” equipment in the past (trimmers, etc.), I would suggest everyone just stay the hell away from the brand in general. There is nothing “pro” about them. Actual “professionals” wouldn’t be caught dead using Poulan “Pro”. My Poulan equipment wouldn’t start most of the time, and just getting it to finally turn over to where I could depress the trigger without it stalling out was a frustrating dance with fate.

Having learned my lesson, now, when it comes to yard tools, etc., I go with quality, like Stihl/Husqvarna. I see Poulan, Ryobi, etc. as the “starter” equipment that you buy when you’re young and you get your first house and don’t have any money and so the low upfront cost looks enticing…but the reality is that you’ll pay more in the long run because you’ll have to buy a new unit every couple years, even with light usage.

I use to sell pressure washers to the big box stores. They were the cheapos like you see here, basically designed to work about 40 hours if you were lucky, before throwing them out. Its usually the pump that takes the dump and repairing them is more expensive than replacing them.

We had about a 20% return rate. Mostly it was from cheap people that instead of renting a commercial grade unit, they bought the machine to wash their house and then returned them to get their money back.

If my experience is to be believed, these are disposable units that probably have already seen 10 - 20% of their usable life go by.

Don’t tell me that! >(