Feelings on Starbucks coffee?


The 9 lbs of SBC for $24 here on Woot was even better. I’m exactly halfway through the batch.

Their parent company forbids them in much of the USA.

I and some friends sought to open the first TH franchise in CA back in 1995 (way before KK or DD), but they wouldn’t consider it. Canajuns are jerks.

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I have been to Starbucks in Watertown, Waterbury (west main), Bristol, Avon, Middletown, Simsbury, Old Saybrook, Granby, and the fake one at the West Haven VA. With the exception of The one in the VA they are all far nicer than most Dunkin locations and with better service.

The Starbucks in Granby is the one that got me hooked, I was in there and had no idea what I wanted and they let me sample several of the non coffee drinks to find one that I liked.

One of my favorite sketches

“That will get them thinking”

I’m a DD person myself.


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We had two Starbucks on the same boulevard here maybe .6 miles apart.

Then, they opened a third right between the two.

I thought that was kinda nuts. But then I checked it out. It had most everything I wanted in a WFH hangout: inexpensive coffee/tea, excellent WiFi, a high counter with outlets for sitting or standing, inductive chargers etc.

Then corporate went, well, corporate. Chargers: gone. Counter: gone. Outlets: all but one gone. Reading quality lighting: gone.

Customers: gone. (Mostly)

I didn’t know you replied sorry. Yes, the roasted part gives an ash tray flavor lol. Any coffee can be bitter. But a well made cup of blonde is more bitter than dark roast. Cold brew blonde would be less bitter than brewed blonde so it may be worth trying but as a dark roast lover I don’t have experience with a blonde cold brew. Good luck!

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I have a cold brew pitcher, and the cold brew is not bad.
The trick is to “Activate” the coffee (or tea) with hot tap water, just a cup or two. just enough to get the grounds wet and start to turn the water color. then fill the pitcher with cold water and wait at least 24 hours.