Feet & Leg Therapy

Wow! I wondered what the dollar store was going to do with all of those leftover “dryer balls”

Hey woot, got any Powerbands left to go with my magnet-soles? :wink:

is there anyone who knows how big these Air-o-Sage things actually are? What the inside dimensions on them is? A few sites I’ve found them on say ‘one size’, but I know that one size never is.

Ha! That was the first thing I thought of also.

“But above the thigh? Not here tonight.” story of my life.

Just because I love the image this brings to mind…

If those little magnets were actually able to attract the iron in our blood and increase circulation, imagine what would happen to someone when you put them in an MRI? LOL

Is the Callus Free Plus device corded or cordless? There is nothing I can see in the description or in the specs that clarifies that for me. Or I could be missing something - that wouldn’t surprise me.

According to Wayfair.com, it requires 2 AA batteries, so I assume it’s cordless.

None of these compression stockings tell the actual compression as would be prescribed by a doctor. I’m stuck wearing support hose but I have to know the compression. In addition, the fabric content is absent. I suspect all of these are for very mild edema or vascular help and not for serious medical help.