Feit Electric A19 or Floodlight LED Bulbs (12-Pack)

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Feit Electric A19 or Floodlight LED Bulbs (12-Pack)
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Keep in mind these bulbs are a nice ugly deep yellow.

Is there an actual issue with the color, and are you referring to a specific bulb? The 2700k might be a bit too yellow for some applications.

3000k is fairly yellow but a decent color for inside evening lighting. It is usually the closest match to replace the incandescent bulbs that people used to use.

Bulbs more blue than these start making your home look like a hospital. I don’t need my skin to look more pale and sickly than it already does.

What’s the voltage range on these? will they take 220V?

BOTH lamps are for 120v use only.
(It’s written on both of the packages)

So the description says Feit but the picture says Westpointe. Anybody know which it is?

Never mind looks like Westpointe is a subsidiary of feit.

The description says that these bulbs are dimmable. I have an old fashioned rotary dimmer switch that I’m using with incandescent lights. Will that work with these?

I’ve used dimmable led lights with rotary dimmers, but not this brand. My Cree lights did dim, but produced a noticeable hum/buzzing.

I’ve never purchased any LED bulbs and I’m reluctant to purchase any. I keep seeing and hearing comments similar to these. If you’re not satisfied with them, you’re stuck with them and the long life means that they’re around forever. Personal preference seems to color (pun intended) the comments. I wish there was someplace where you could get definitive information about LED bulbs. I just want bulbs that give the same light qualities as an incandescent bulb.

I tried to buy this deal, but Woot did not have a way for me to actually use my Amazon Prome account and save the shipping charge. Soooo I cancelled the order. Very disappointed in Woot. They promise we can use our aprime account and then trick us into shipping charges. Bye Bye

It appears to be broken so I add the items then use my smartphone and the Woot! App! to complete the purchase.

I finally figured it out. Anthroperiferal interface error (the dummy who placed the order)

In fairness, I finally figured it out. Placed another order using my Amazon Prime.

It is too bad you don’t have any LEDs and seem to be against them. I have replaced all my lights with LEDs. The great thing is you can choose the color for the application - in the kitchen we have whiter lights than the rest of the house.
You can go to Lowe’s or HD and see displays of various colors. I prefer in the whiter range - at least 3500. But you can get 2700 which pretty much mimics the yellow of old style lights.
And, you save a LOT in electricity usage.

The first time I tried Feit LED bulbs I bought them at Menard’s store. Less than $1 a bulb is a pretty good deal

There are lots of color “snobs” out there so don’t be alarmed by the previous comments. Once you learn what the “K” ratings mean, you can somewhat get an idea of what color to expect to fit your needs and tastes. If you are expecting close to standard incandescent as you can get, then 2700K is going to be a pretty good match. As others have pointed out, when you get to the whiter/bluer closers…it just makes your house feel very cold and harsh. Some rooms may benefit from it…some will not. This really is a personal preference and you will have to make up your own mind.

Assuming these are similar to the Feit bulbs available at Costco and Lowes, then these for sure are a near perfect match for standard incandescent bulbs. My entire house is using those. They dim nicely with my GE/Jasco dimmers. Color temps are nice. Overall very pleased with them. I have had 5 failures in the past 3 years over about 25 bulbs. Feit support shipped me 5 replacements with no hassle at all.

I bought a dozen of of these about two years back. They flicker when used with rotary dimmers, so you will have to upgrade to dimmers designed for use with LEDs.

Additionally, you should know that two of the ones I purchased died at about the two year old mark with usage averaging 4-6 hours each day. A third one also had the metal housing come loose from the plastic portion.

I would recommend buying a different brand personally.