Feline Domination

Feline Domination

Well, now, I would say that “one person at a time.”

Won’t be buying this one.


Agreed. I bought the oxford comma shirt and it literally started a 5 minute animated discussion about the proper uses for the comma. commas. Whatever. I don’t really want to walk around w/ a shirt that starts arguments.

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Much agreed. Although the rueful-headshake-and-grin-in-passing qualifies as a “discernment test” passing grade, that quickly becomes disappointing too (all those blank looks).

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seems like the editor was off duty today, as this featured tee and the monkey chat both had errors. i suppose it is saturday :wink:

This is exactly how a German pussy cat would say it…“at the time”. My partner is German/Hungarian. My pussy needs this shirt!

This is exactly how I FEEL. :thinking::rofl: You DO understand this shirt, right??!

You mean Caturday.



Maybe it can be edited? @Lady5tark or @benwyeth, can you change it?

Monkey chat complaints get directed to @notmatty. He might still be stuck in Reno.

We corrected this to read “One at A time”. If you ordered it when it was “One at THE time” you can contact customer service for a replacement!

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