Feline Friends


Also a reminder to fellow Wooters - this was voted for. =^.^=


Shirts like this make me really wish I could still wear graphic tees to work. :smiley:

I loved this design the minute I saw it. Congratulations on your Derby win, TQG! :slight_smile:

Love the art but the color…

Congrats on the win, super fun :blush:

Nice design!

I keep trying to see something in the white space… is that another tail?! Maybe that’s a… no.

Yay thatquietgir1! Congrats on the win! :slight_smile:

Beautifully drawn cats!

Describes me purrfectly!

(Not sure I like the shirt color but what the heck…)

Purchased! Also, I alerted my Caturday peeps! :slight_smile:

(And I love green…)

You’re not asocial, not antisocial. If you were arguing that you’re not antisocial, then you would say that none of your cats are helping you build bombs.

I saw this and knew it would win. Congratulations!

Yay! Thanks everyone!


Wore it to the vet clinic and all the staff wanted to know where I got it.